Treat Your Senses For Delectable Thai Food At Eat Drink Thai , Kota Damansara

June 18, 2018

For those that hankering for Thai Food, head over to Eat Drink Thai that nestled at Kota Damansara. Eat Drink Thai is perpetually packed with crowds, so make a reservation in advance, or queue early for a table. What makes a dining experience great? Of course a great meal in a great restaurant make the dining experience great. 

For affordable, yet authentic and mouthwatering Thai food, you can’t go wrong with Eat Drink Thai. Inexpensive with an unassuming decor, truly lets the food shine.

Signature Jim Jum (New Addition in the menu)

Jim Jum is originate from North Eastern Thailand whereby it served in a claypot over gas canister. Diners can choose either clear chicken broth or clear Tom Yum broth. Jim Jum Claypot is a much healthier hot pot as it contains a lot of vegetables.

To start the session, wait for the chicken broth to boil. Add in the vegetables into the boiling broth to enhance the flavor of the soup.

Next you can start to add in fresh seafood such as tiger prawns and clams, slice of meat, fishball, glass noodles and etc. Try not to overcook  the meat as it might end up being a little tough.

The best way to enjoy Jim Jum is pair your food with special dipping sauce which is slightly sweet with a tinge of spiciness. There are 3 different dipping sauce that specially made for Jim Jum hotpot. 

Signature Seafood Pot

 Packed with a whole slew of seafood ingredients, the seafood pot suitable for 3-4 pax comes with fresh tiger prawns, squid, clam, fish, mushrooms and corn in cob.  

Diners can choose your own soup base: red tom yum, Clear Tom Yum, Tom Kha and Ma Nao. Soaked in a spicy broth, the Seafood platter is a glorious feast that will be highlight to any diner. 

Pandan Chicken 

Pandan Chicken always my favorite as the meat is moist and tender. The marinated chicken pieces wrapped in aromatic pine leaves and then deep fry which make them packed with punchy flavors and aroma.

Green Curry Chicken

With delicious and tender chicken simmering in a savory, rich green curry broth, it’s a dish we can never foresee ever giving up. A delicious bowl of creamy green curry can take your taste buds on a flavor ride with all the taste mix in the ingredients.

Hatyai Fried Chicken

Hatyai fired chicken is unique and is different the normal fried chicken that we had. This Thai fried chicken is a famous street food in Thailand. The chicken is marinated before fried the chicken. You can smell the nice aromatic chicken when it serve on the table.

Olive Fried Rice

The Olive fried rice is non oily and prepared with the right twist of flavor. This is my first time try on it and only can be found in certain Thai restaurant.

Pineapple Fried Rice

I am hooked with Pineapple fried rice as it has balanced of sweet, sour and salty flavors. Their perfectly moist brown rice is impeccably seasoned, giving it much stronger flavors than most of its counterparts

End up our wonderful dinner with nice Thai Milk tea and Thai Green Milk tea. One of my favorite drinks to quench the thirst. 

Eat Drink Thai, Kota Damansara
Address : No. 9 Jalan PJU 5/9,
Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Contact : 03-6151 2888
Hours : Daily 11:30AM - 3:00PM,
             5:30PM - 10:00PM

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