Tone Your Body Easily By Wearing Seamless Hotpants From Soft Snug

June 02, 2018

Busy with your tight schedule and no time for exercise? Good news as you can tone your body and burn 4x faster the unwanted fat. Seamless Hotpants is the latest version from Soft Snug. The moment you put on the Seamless Hotpants, you will definitely feel the burn. 

The Seamless Hotpants is a high-performance fabric technology which it uses zero thread. A perfect design hotpants as it will not cause sudden ripped pant in public due to bad sewing thread.

Soft and breathable pants that made from special EPDM material that burn 4x faster your calories and at the same time absorb sweats to keep you dry from the outside.

Why choose Seamless Hotpants from Soft Snug?

Flexible Movement

Maximize your movement by wearing Seamless Hotpants. The Seamless Hotpants is suitable for running, yoga or any fitness movement. The material is soft, breathable and  absorb your sweat better.

Tone your body faster

Seamless Hotpants promote flawless which shapes your bodyline faster compare to other hotpants. The moment you put on the hotpants, you will definitely feel the burn and is 4x faster in fat burning process.

Duo Side Wearing

Yes, Seamless Hotpants has duo side wearing. Simple switch to another side and you can wear it for different occasion.

Zero Thread 

Trendy design that using the latest technology which uses zero thread. And it has a better grip on your body that never loose while keeping a flexible movement.

Stretchable Hotpants

The Seamless Hotpants easily to wear and stretchable . To maintain a good condition of the hotpants, it's advisable hand wash.

Grab your Seamless Hotpants now from Soft Snug. You can visit Soft Snug that located at Sky Park One City.



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Monday-Friday 9.30AM - 5.00PM

Saturday & Sunday 11.00AM - 7.00PM

 For more information, visit Soft Snug official website at or Soft Snug Facebook .

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