In Pursuit of Great taste At Restoran Dragon Star 龙星海鲜酒家, SS1 Petaling Jaya

June 11, 2018

If you looking for a restaurant to satisfied your craving, you can check out Restoran Dragon Star 龙星海鲜酒家 . This hidden germ is located at SS1, Petaling Jaya whereby the restaurant has 10 years history in deliver delectable Chinese Cuisine.

Let's explore the selection menu that Restoran Dragon Star offers to their diners.

Salted Smoked Sand Village Chicken with Ginger (Whole Chiecken RM60, Half RM30)

Marinated in sea salt and some best ingredients, you're definitely in for a treat. The flesh pulled apart easily and it was moist with bits of the chicken's natural oil trickling off the edge of my spoon.

Marinated BBQ Pork Ribs (Small RM23, Big RM46)

Look at this glorious rack of pork ribs. The pork ribs are glazed with sweet BBQ sauce. I enjoyed eating the ribs and have it fall into a beautiful mess of tender meat that fill with BBQ sauce.

Steamed Soon Hock with Light Soy Sauce (seasonal Priced)

The Soon Hock fish is fresh and perfectly steamed. The flesh is naturally sweet and have a good bite to it. using premium light soy sauce further accentuated the sweetness of the fish. Definitely worth to try on it.

Homemade Lemon Mayo King Prawn (Seasonal Price)

If you prefer seafood, why not consider Homemade Lemon Mayo King prawn. The homemade lemon mayo compliment the fresh prawn. I love the sweet and  light sourish taste of the prawn. 

Claypot Braised Lamb Belly (Small RM27, Big RM54)

Claypot is famous in Malaysia as it retains heat very well and maintaining the dish full flavor. You can smell the nice aroma of the lamb belly when it serve to us. I love the chewy and smooth texture of the lamb belly. The dish mélange of brightly colored vegetable. 

Braised Shrimp Tofu with Seasonal Vegetable (Small RM18, Big RM27)

This notable dish give the best taste of homely recipes. You will definitely enjoy the smooth texture of the tofu that prepared with fresh vegetables and shrimp. The perfect dish with a perfect temperature that pair well with a bowl of white rice.

Restoran Dragon Star seeks to impress with its intricate Chinese dishes. Head down here as long as you are willing to splurge on some great food.

Restoran Dragon Star
54A, B, Jalan SS1/22,
Desa Tunku,
47300 Petaling Jaya,

Business Hour:  Daily 11am- 2.30pm
                                     5.30pm - 11pm

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