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June 02, 2018

Due to my job nature, I'm require to work remotely. Hence my biggest challenge is finding a strong network connection. If you aware not all place like shopping mall, café or even restaurant provide free WIFI. The question: Which is the best mobile data plan should you consider?

I have the answer for your question. Have you heard about is an online platform that provide a free and impartial price comparison service. They doesn't provide any financial or professional advice. is committed to help you find the right product that suits your needs at the best price. 

What can you compare? With the smart tool from, you can compare and apply credit cards, loans, phone plans broadband plans and insurance plan in Malaysia. Sound cool, right?

Back to my question, which mobile data plan should I consider? One of the biggest difficulties for comparison plans is that telcos do not offer the same exact plans even for sim plan only. To help you assess which are the best mobile data plans, we will compare on common needs that users have. These including talktime, data, call charges, monthly commitment and etc. 

Shortlisted the best 3 telco provider to do the comparison.

Bundle 1: Basic User with lowest Mobile Data Plan. Observation

From a cost standpoint, U Mobile is the cheapest at RM48 per month. However, it offers only 5GB of data compared to Digi (10GB) and Celcom (20GB).

Despite being the 2nd best plan, Celcom is able to offer much more data at 20GB compared to Digi (10GB).


Cheapest Deal: U Mobile (RM48)

Value-For-Money: Celcom (RM80)

Bundle 2: The Heavy Data User Observation
From a cost standpoint, Digi is the cheapest at RM110 per month for 50GB.

Celcom provides the most data at 100GB for RM188. This is cheaper compared to Maxis which charges for the same rate but offer a better data (100GB).


Cheapest Deal: Digi (RM110)

Value-For-Money: Celcom (RM188) for 100GB

With, you able to make a wise decision fast, easy and even save your money. If you consider to invest in property, you definitely can compare which banks offer the lowest loan and interest.

There are no result for not choosing as you just need to choose your product category and type, compare the product and select the best option and lastly, fill up and simple form and will help you apply.

Why choose

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