The Launching of Roy's Gastro Californian Dream At Cincin Wine. Bar. Grill, Cheras

May 01, 2018

It was a pleasure to meet Chef Roy in person during the launching of his cook book " Roy's Gastro Californian Dream". The launching was held at Cincin Wine.Bar.Grill, Cheras.

Chef Roy Wong Background

Chef Rong Wong is an International Award Winning Chef, Celebrity Chef and Brand Ambassador. He also a former Executive Chinese Chef for 5-star hotel and also food writer.  Food isn't a job for him but a passion to him.

At the same time, diners get to learn more about food and wine pairing. Chef Roy also sharing his knowledge with us how to pair our food with wine. The cosy and romantic environment actually suitable for fine dining and hangout with friends for wine tasting.


Kickstart our fine dinning with simple yet delicious steamed egg. The texture of the steamed egg is smooth and garnish with peach gum and Homemade sundried tomato and pan-fried scallop with Barley sauce. Pair it with Beaulieu Vineyard California Chardonnay.

Main Dishes

Fragrant curry Laksa pair with Beringer Main and Vine White Zinfandel. To me, the selling point of a good laksa would be its gravy. Their gravy is a lot richer and thicker than many of the laksa I have tasted before. Surprisingly the curry go well with Beringer Main and Vine White Zinfandel.

Wuxi Spare Ribs & Deep Fried Bean curd with herbs paired with Beaulieu Vineyard California Merlot. The right way to taste this dishes is started with a bite of the deep fried bean curd before you try the Wuxi spare ribs. This will create a balance of the taste while you enjoy it with Merlot.

Baked lamb Rack with Fermented Bean Curd Sauce pair with Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon. Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon taste a bit spicy and baked lamb rack actually compliment with each other.


End our food tasting with Pan-fried Sponge cake with yogurt paired with Beringer Main & Vine Moscato. For those that love dessert, you will find the pan-fried sponge cake is unique. It has combination of sweet and sour taste. The best to enjoy your dessert is pair with dessert wine like Moscato.

More information regarding Cincicn, you may visit their official website at

Cincin Wine.Bar.Grill
No.1, Jalan 1/119,
Taman Bukit Hijau
56000, Cheras
Kuala Lumpur

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