Restoran LANG NUONG 好再来 @ Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras

May 04, 2018

Experience authentic and traditional Vietnamese food in Restoran Lang Nuong 好再来 with their fresh, healthy and mouthwatering dishes. Restoran Lang Nuong 好再来 is a hidden germ that located at Pudu Ulu, Cheras.

The cozy ambience and the fresh ingredients enhance overall dinning experience make my visit worth for money. Restoran Lang Nuong is run by an owner that passionate about Vietnamese food.

Restoran Lang Nuong well known for their Seafood Vegetable Set that with different type of broth. Here’s an interesting fact about this restaurant: the broth of the steamboat is cater to suit Malaysian taste while maintaining authenticness of the food.

Seafood Vegetable Set

Packed with a whole slew of seafood ingredients, the seafood platter come with prawns, squids, clams, mussels, and fresh vegetables and mushrooms. 

Diners can request for Tom Yum Soup base (Lau Chua Cay) or Clear Soup base (sup ngot). The spiciness level for Tom Yum Soup base is acceptable and I indeed love the Tom Yum Soup base.  If you simply can’t get enough of seafood in a boiling broth, then you’ve come to the right place.

A regular hotpot will suffice but those with a huge appetite will certainly see no harm in upsizing their meals. Lovers of the seafood will definitely love the sweet and fresh seafood. It is not only affordable but comes with a generous selection of seafood.

Don't forget to dip these in their unique dipping sauce that you can create by yourself.

The seafood platter also comes with side dishes such as fish fillet, Yee Mee or fried fuk chuk.

For diner that opt for healthy hot pot, they can choose the vegetable platter that filled with fresh vegetables.

Vietnam Special Curry Crab

Vietnam Special Curry Crab is another one of its top platters that you should look out for. The Vietnam Special Curry Crab comes with a thick , flavorful curry gravy and fresh crab with assortments of vegetables. 

Fresh Oysters

Restoran Lang Nuong imported the best selection of oysters. For many dinner, it's simply enough slurp on oysters with a dip of their unique sauce. They serve a fresh oysters daily.

The menu also includes classic grilled selections of dishes. We not manage taste the grilled food as we are food after the seafood platter.

Quench your thirst by ordering their Vietnam Oolong Tea. The taste like drinking a jasmine tea.

Overall I am satisfied with the food and also the portion. But it will be good if they can improve their service. The staff not patient in entertain their customer request and they do ignore customer request.

Restoran LANG NUONG 好再来
15-A, Jalan Pudu Ulu,
56100 Kuala Lumpur

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