its Coll Plus+ - Best Collagen Supplements & 6 Benefits To Our Skin

May 31, 2018

Do you remember those day where your skin look flawless, smooth and glowing? But lately you found those fine lines, dark spot or uneven skin tone start to hunt your skin. As you age, the micronutrients that your body produces reduce more and more every year. Actually collagen is found in our connective tissues that providing our skin with structure and elasticity. Unfortunately, the collagen starts to break down as we age. Hence why we get wrinkles. But how to choose the right collagen for your skin ?

Have your heard about its Coll Plus+ ? This is my first time consume its Coll plus+ and the result is positive on my skin.  I personally like beautifying myself from inside out, so I decided to give a try for its Coll Plus+.

its Coll Plus+ come in powder form that seal tightly in small packets (sachet). The moment you open the packet, you can smell nice fruity scent.

What is its Coll Plus + is the best collagen supplement?

1) It content natural nutrient that needed by our body.

Marine Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
Coenzyme Q10
Silk Peptide
Aloe Vera
Ascorbic Acid & Acerola Cherry Extract
Vitamin E
Sakura Extract

2) The collagen is formulated and manufactured in collaborate with France, Japan, Holland and Brazil to ensure it safe to consume. Each of the ingredients has go through a tight research.

3) No addictive, preservatives, artificial colors and harmful substances.

4) Visible results

5) its Coll Plus+ certified halal and safe to be consumed by Muslim friends.

Love the fruity and sweet taste of the drinks and it easy to be consume. The powder dilute easily in the plain or luke water. I notice my complexion more brighter and my pores become small. And my skin not too dry and more healthy. Say good bye to wrinkles as you get the best Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10 from its Coll Plus+ .See the difference of my skin. I can see my skin elasticity improve. 

6 Benefits consume its Coll Plus+

→ Anti-ageing
→ Firming
→ Whitening
→ Hydrating
→ Brightening
→ Rejuvenating

How to consume its Coll Plus+?

1) Take 1 sachet daily and preferably take it before breakfast.

2) Stir well in plain or luke water. Don't pour on hot water as it will destroy the nutrient that contain in its Coll Plus+.

Testimonial from its Coll Plus+ customer

For more information regarding its Coll Plus+, check out Js Online Beauty official Facebook: or contact Kit Mun at +6016 391 4063 .

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