Amazing Banana Leaf Rice Experience At Curries N' Claws, Citta Mall

May 14, 2018

Being a Malaysian, we are thankfully get to enjoy a good of selection of North or South Indian dishes. Indian cuisine is a much celebration of its rich spices and food. I've got the tastiest banana leaf just for you. If you a big fans of banana leaf, you will definitely enjoy the dinning at Curries N' Claws. 

Curries N' Claws is located at Citta Mall Shopping Mall. Curries N' Claws not only famous with their Banana leaf but also for their femed crab curry. Don't miss the crispy pappadams! What makes Curries N' Claws banana leaf stand up from others is their aromatic curry and authentic ingredients. 

On top of that, their Mutton Varuval is the best you can find. Aromatic and tender mutton that satisfied my appetite. Love it.

Fish Head Curry

A pot of fresh fish head marinated in curry sauce is enough to make our saliva drooling. The curry gravy is thick and the spiciness is acceptable.

The Burner

A delightful and fresh  of fish, prawn, squid, crustacean and crabs. And this platter is perfect for 2-4 paxs. Diner can choose whether cooked in Tom Yum gravy or Rassam. I love Rassam gravy as you get a combination of taste.

Heavenly Seafood (Flower Crab Curry)

Seafood lover, you may want to explore the Heavenly Seafood whereby diners can choose fish, prawn or crab. The owner serve us Flower Crab Curry. The specialty of the dish is the thick and aromatic curry gravy.

Quench your thirst with varieties choices of drinks offer by Curries N Claws. Recommended drinks: Mango Lime Lassi and Morru Ice.

Despite the tough competition for Indian cuisine, but Curries N' Claws remains one of the go-to places for diners.

Curries N' Claws 
G-10, Ground Floor,
Citta Mall,
No. 1 Jalan PJU 1A/48,
47301 Petaling Jaya

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