Happy 5th Birthday to The Butterfly Project - Is Time For Unicorn Party

April 28, 2018

Happy 5th Birthday to The Butterfly Project. This year we turn from beautiful butterfly into fun, charming and colorful Unicorn. Time really flies so fast as the community bonding grow stronger and stronger under the rule of our beautiful Mamasan, Tammy Lim.  We are like a sisters to each other...Opps we do have awesome  "Brothers" in the house such as Dee, Rawlins and Eros πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ They are rocks Unicorn ....Let's me introduce them personally at here. 

Contestant No. 1 : Dee the sexy Unicorn. He is wild and funny person. You will never feel boring when he is around.

Contestant No. 2: Rawlins Glam the Glamorous Unicorn just like his name. Shinning like a star among other Unicorn. He portraits himself with confidence.

Photo Credit to Eros Si
Contestant No.3: Eros Si the "Angelababy". Beautiful and sweet personality. I just realize I don't his photo. I take this beautiful pictures from his blog.  

Check out my Unicorn looks for that day. I DIY my own Unicorn horn and also Tutu Skirts. Pair with off shoulder top and denim mini-skirt. Paired with sexy purplish legging and white shoe. But this round, I turn my black color hair into purple wig πŸ˜†πŸ˜† So call me "Betsy the Purple Unicorn"

Let's started our Unicorn Party. A welcome speech by Dee follow by Mamasan. Everyone so concentrate when Mamasan gives her speech. 😚

Photo Credit to Eros

Photo Credit to Eros

Oh ya we welcome two beautiful caterpillar onboard with The Butterfly Project. Looking forward to see both of them for our next event. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Photo Credit to Eros

Photo Credit to Eros

The moment we have waiting has arrived. Mamasan and Dee officiate the 5th Birthday for The Butterfly Project. Happy Birthday to The Butterfly Project.....πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Photo Credit to Eros 

During our registration, each of us been given a special card. Is time for us to move around and visit our sponsor booth.

Let's me introduce to you the sponsors for that day. Without them, our Unicorn Party will not complete and fun. Special thanks to our sponsors.

πŸ“· GNG Studiobooth πŸ“·

GNG Studioboth also well known as Glitz & Glam Studiobooth provide a high quality photobooth service to their customers. Beside photobooth, they are the experts in creating amazing & beautiful wedding backdrops and table decorations. With a focus on ensuring your wedding reflects your individual couple style; the team will tailor a dΓ©cor concept to suit your requirements that are also characteristic of your wedding day vision.

GNG Studiobooth surprise us with their latest Boomerang PhotoBox that produce high quality printout and the photo is waterproof and anti-fingerprint.

My first time experience Boomerang live in front the PhotoBox. I look oddward in the video with my movement. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

More information: www.gngstudiobooth.com
GNG Studiobooth Facebook: www.facebook.com/gngstudiobooth

🌹 Everyday Flowers 🌹

Thank you to everyday Flowers for enlighten our day with a small bouquet of flowers. You get to choose your favorite flowers at their flowers bar and the team will work out a magic by turning into nice bouquets.

if you looking for a creative bar for an event, why not consider Flowers Bar by Everyday Flowers.

🎈Brrrloon 🎈

Looking for party decoration or rental store? Why not engage Brrrloon as they supply personalized bubble balloon, helium balloons, auto-inflate coloring balloon, balloon powered toys, balloon sculpture and balloon arches and more.

Brrloon surprise us with Auto-Inflate coloring brrrloon. How to do it?

Step 1: Color it
Step 2: Hit the center
Step 3: Shake it
Step 4: Watch it grow!

And Brrrloon also sponsor this beautiful balloon for decoration. 

Brrrloon available at:-

Block Gurney, Unit G-1-2, Plaza Arkadia,
No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana,
Desa Park City, 52200 KL
Contact No. 018-2777130

Website: coming soon www.brrrloon.com
Brrrloon Facebook: www.facebook.com/brrrloon

Each of us also receive this beautiful Unicorn Bag and special thanks to below sponsor.

belif Malaysia

Presenting Best-Sellers On-The-Go travel kits that suitable for all skin type. Best-Sellers On-The-Go is priced at RM89 and the travel kits is available at belif Malaysia stores. 

More information at https://bit.ly/2Jdng9u

NYX Cosmetics Malaysia

Get ready to shine like a star with NYX Cosmectics Malaysia. Presenting Vivid Brights Eyeliner and Lip of the Day Liquid Lip Liner . 

Love the Vivid Brights Eyeliner (Blossom) RM30 that draw a sharp and thick purplish line. Purchase can be done at here: https://bit.ly/2yx3YZp

Achieve fuller and perfect lip line with Lip of the Day Liquid Lip Liner (Cherish) RM35). Purchase can be done at https://bit.ly/2Jewlin

Both products available at NYX Stores and online retailers. 
More information: www.nyxcosmetics.com

Koji Dolly-Wink's Eyelashes

Introduce the latest launch eyelashes from Koji Dolly-Wink's eyelashes that give you 3D and wow effect. 

Check out their latest collection No.28 LOVELY GIRL, No.29 PURE DOLLY, No.30 CHIFFON NUDE, and No.31 AIRY DOLL . The new collection is priced at  RM58.90 of each.

Koji Dolly- Wink's products is available at Watsons and Sasa Malaysia.

Dear Beaute 

Our hair is like a crown to every women. Dear Beaute is specialized hair care series from Japan. Dear Beaute introduce the brand new Himawari Hair Care samples that just nice to bring for travel. 

Himawari Hair Care is available at Watsons and Sasa Malaysia


I have adopted this little cutie pie and I name it as Betrice. Sound so sweet, right? If you want to adopt this cute Unicorn Mug, you can grab it from 50GRAM for RM39.90

Find out more regarding 50GRAM at www.facebook.com/50grammalaysia/

Wanderlust Things

If you still remember the lovely Unicorn Eye Makeup Brush that I shared in my IG, you actually can get it from Wanderlust Things. Mamasan create special thank you card using Unicorn Eye Makeup Brush.

This round Wanderlust Things also feature lovely Unicorn Necklace that price at RM14.90 

More information: www.wanderlustthings.com
Wanderlust Things Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wanderlustthingsshop

I love capture the happiest moment with other butterflies during Unicorn Party. Thanks to Ivy Gan for being my photographer of the day. The Unicorn party will not complete without Mamasan and her Avengers team. 

Photo Credit to JasJas

Thank you everyone for making this Unicorn Party happen. You are the most beautiful Unicorn appear in my life. Looking forward for more gathering with the butterflies. Mamasan, I will keep support your effort. And happy 5th Birthday To THE BUTTERFLY PROJECT

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