April 06, 2018

Have you ever taste the texture of Campo Viejo? Campo Viejo is a flagship Rioja winery and is the no.1 Rioja wine brand in the world1. Ever since two local winemakers – Beristain and Ortigüela – created the first vintage in 1959, Campo Viejo represents the expressiveness, color and vibrancy of contemporary Rioja. 

Rioja’s number one wine Campo Viejo kicked off its arrival into the Malaysian market by taking members of the media on a tasting journey delivered via a little gastronomic jaunt around three of Kuala Lumpur’s popular dining establishments well known for their Hispanic flair. 

The wonderful night start with the launch of Campo Viejo at  Pisco Bar, where is then moved on to El Cerdo; best known for its array of Spanish porcine dishes; and ended at long-time KL nightlife fixture Havana Bar & Grill.

Fulfill your gastronomic craving at Pisco Bar

Secreto de Cerdo Ibérico con Escalivada

Secreto, the best cut of Ibérico meat, which comes from between the shoulder blade and the loin, served with roasted peppers and miso paste. Serve in the right temperature whereby it pair well with Campo Viejo Tempranillo as it give a balance in taste. 

Chuletón de Buey

Pisco Signature of charcoal-grilled bone-in rib steak with sea salt. You get a syrupy sweetness when biting into the meat, with a tenderness and more concentrated flavor.

Wine pairing:

Campo Viejo Tempranillo - You can taste the spice at the end of your tongue with a bit of fruity.  A cherry-red Rioja with intense rich flavors of ripe red cherries and strawberries, followed by sweet vanilla and spice. The most vibrant expression of Tempranillo. Elena Adell, Chief Winemaker mentions Tempranillo is the wine that Rioja wants to make. Rich and vibrant, Campo Viejo Tempranillo brings out the best qualities of the grape and celebrates the pure artistry of Rioja winemaking. Soft and fresh on the palate, this young and easy-to-drink wine is enjoyed worldwide thanks to its distinctive flavours of juicy red fruit, followed by more subtle notes of vanilla and spices.

A perfect Dining at El Cerdo

Mushroom with Toasted Brioche with Escargot, Spanish Bacon and Bone Marrow Butter

A balance of taste when you take a bite on it. Of course, pair it with Campo Viejo Reserva to add in flavor.

Chorizo Sliders

I can't believe this mini burger taste so good in the mouth. Thick and juicy patty that make the whole burger looks great. What a good dinning experience at El Cerdo.

Wine pairing:

Campo Viejo Reserva - The artistry of Campo Viejo uncorked. The approachable complexity of Reserva is what makes Campo Viejo’s most recognised wine so universally popular. The grapes are selected from plots specifically assigned for Reserva, depending on the potential that they show for ageing an expertly made blend in French and American oak for 18 months and then in bottles for 18 months more. Loved by novices and experts alike, Reserva captures the best that Rioja has to give.

Chill out session at Havana Bar & Grill

Wagyu Beef Strips (MBS-6) With horseradish & watercress

A perfect match when you match tender Wagyu Beef Strips with a smooth with soft and velvety tannins of Campo Viejo Gran Reserva.

Spanish Meatballs (Albondigas) in a spicy tomato sauce

Wine pairing:
Campo Viejo Gran Reserva - A distinguishingly fruity modern classic. Reassuringly complex with a distinguished core of fruit, Gran Reserva has been crafted with passion over no less than five years. Ripe red berry aromas sing out, before smoky, woody nuances unravel, leaving final hints of dark fruit and chocolate to deliver the climax to this modern masterpiece.

The tapas trail experience will soon be available to the public. For more information, visit

DARCY G WILKOSZ : Wine Ambassador for Pernod Ricard

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