Amazing Dining Experience At Kichen Kembali, Grand Ion Delemen Hotel

April 18, 2018

My staycation at Grand Ion Delemen Hotel is the most memorable trip. I always have a bunch of friends that love to explore the beauty of food as much as I do. If you prefer buffet dishes, Kitchen Kembali  is one of your selection. 

Lead by experience chef, diners get to enjoy amazing local and Western cuisine at Kitchen Kembali . 

Beside buffet style, Kitchen Kembali do serve delectable ala-carte menu. The ala-carte dishes really seduce my appetite. Yum..yum.

At Kitchen Kembali, you get to taste Malay, Indian and Chinese dishes in our restaurant. Are your curious what we have for our lunch? 

Sup Ayam Berempah

Kick start our lunch with a simple yet delicious Sup Ayam Berempah to warm up our stomach. I like the thick broth that prepare using different type of herbs and add in the chicken. 

There are 7 main courses prepare on that day. I was blessed with a sinful lunch and how I wish I can enjoy every of the meal frequently. 

 Ayam Masak Merah

Ayam Masak Merah is much loved by Malaysian, regardless of race. The Ayam Masak Merah is juxtaposition of flavours whereby you can taste tangy sweetness and prickly spiciness.

Chennai Fish Curry

Chennai Fish Curry is an iconic dish made from fresh fish in a fragrant pot of curry with assorted of vegetables. 

Lamb Rogan Josh

If you love spices food, Lamb Rogan Josh will be the right selection. The key ingredient is the Rogan Josh paste compliment the whole lamb.

 Loh Hon Zhai

Loh Hon Zhai usually is Chinese vegetarian dish. Consist of healthy vegetable such as broccoli, button mushroom, carrot and oyster mushroom. Simple dishes and healthy.

 Salted Egg Yolk Prawn

The prawns were coated with this luscious sauce made with salted egg. The outer coating was grainy with a moderate touch of sweetness, added with fragrance from the curry leaves. And it work well with fresh sea prawns.

 Black Pepper Beef

 Black pepper beef able tickle my taste bud. The beef is tender and juicy. 

Sambal Terung

A simple stir fry brinjal with sambal is the best to pair with a warm bowl of white rice. My favourite dish. 

Good news for sweet tooth lover, Kitchen Kembali serve delicious mixed fruits and French pastry platter to compliment your day.

Kitchen Kembali

Business hour : 7am to 10pm
For Reservation: 03 6433 2200 ext 8123

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