Introducing NuvaLanconone Breakthrough Herbal Joint Pain Relief Formula

March 15, 2018

Have anyone heard about Arthritis Joint Pain? Arthritis is an "umbrella" term for painful conditions that effect joints and bones. Arthritis is a different term compare to Osteoarthritis.  78% of people with arthritis are in pain most days. 

As your joints degenerated as the arthritis progressed, all that has changed. Each day ends with an unbearable ache in your knees while each morning begins trying to get your stiff knees to warm up. It is not the sort of pain from a broken bone that eventually gets better, but a festering ache and stiffness within your joints that is always there. Most people experience this joint pain in their knees where the lifetime risk of developing knee osteoarthritis is now estimated to be about 45%. Others however experience arthritis joint pain in their fingers, shoulders and back too.

Due to the pain, we tend to rely on painkillers. Painkillers, commonly Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs or NSAIDs, have been shown to accelerate arthritis progression on top of their side effects (gastric, bleeding, heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure). This leaves patients with arthritis firmly within the Grip of the Joint Pain Paradox. You want to relieve your joint pain, but the comfort of painkillers are actually worsening your condition. Living this reality are thousands of joint pain sufferers without hope for an effective or safer alternative solution.

Lanconone® is a clinically researched herbal joint pain formula which has been tested against the NSAID painkiller ibuprofen. It was found that this herbal remedy worked as quickly and as effectively as the NSAID to relieve joint pain whilst supporting joint recovery at the same time. Comprised of seven authenticated Ayurvedic herbs in one patented formula, Lanconone® is now available in Malaysia, which was the basis of the media event.
The research on Lanconone® started a decade ago with the latest study against Ibuprofen published in the journal Trials 2016. Lanconone® demonstfated its abiity to provide joint pain relief as quickly as Ibuprofen. Beyond pain relief, joint function amongst real patients  with osteoarthirtis was also found to improve after 12 weeks of treatment with Lanconone®. These results demonstrated Lanconone’s capacity to enable the joints to repair itself. This herbal formula is suitable for vegetarians and most importantly, it has been proven safe.

Datin Swanee Teh, Business Unit Manager of Nuvanta Sdn. Bhd. who hosted the event delivered an introduction. Datin Teh, also a pharmacist and natural therapies advocate shared, “Arthritis is a terrible joint disease that slowly sucks out all the colours in one’s life. It can change even a perenially positive person to a shadow of themselves as its main symptom – joint pain - robs patients of their ability, mobility and normality bit by bit, day after day after day.

Not only is the individual affected, families are too as 76% of patients with arthritis are not able to join in family time due to their condition. Imagine your child not having a grandparent to take a walk with or play with or go on holiday with.

Nuvanta is honoured to be working with Enovate Biolife in bringing clinically proven natural solutions such as Lanconone® to Malaysia. Today, you will not only hear about the pain but also the gain in a world class herbal product backed by science that is giving new hope for joint pain sufferers.

Also present at the event was Amol Pathak a registered pharmacist and Associate Director of Enovate Biolife. Amol has championed natural Indian products for almost two decades across nearly forty countries worldwide. During this time he has been part of the evolution of Ayurvedic products into products of various health categories including dietary supplements, functional foods, medical foods, bioactive derivatives, herbal remedies and phyto-pharmaceuticals. 

Amol shares, “Everybody wants to find a solution to this problem because arthritis is draining everyone – physically, mentally and financially. As a pharmacist, I had lived and breathe mainstream medicine as the only way. I am happy to be here in Malaysia today to be sharing an alternative, clinically proven Ayurvedic medicine in the form of Lanconone®. The good news is, YES there is another way out of this joint pain paradox in safety and wellness. Now, you don’t have to make that awful choice between suffering joint pain or worsening your arthritis or hurting your tummy or kidneys.”

Dr Shalini Srivastava is one of the primary researchers on Lanconone®. Trained as a physician from the Russian State Medical University in Moscow, Dr. Shalini has since dedicated most of her time to clinical research having several national and international publications to her credit. Her seventeen years of experience in this area has seen her taking up positions at some of India’s leading clinical research organisations and teaching hospitals. Dr. Shalini holds a post graduate degree in Clinical Research (MSc) from Cranfield University, UK and is a project manager certified by the University of Adelaide, Australia. Being an active member of the American College of Medicine, Dr. Shahlini is continuously involved in developing new lifestyle solutions.

She said, “When we started on this research comparing Lanconone® to one of the most established pain relief medications in the world today, it was with the hope that our success would translate to an efficacious yet safer alternative solution for the many joint pain sufferers out there battling between their disability and their health. It is with humility that we are now able to share Lanconone® with Malaysia today.”
Testimonial from Lanconone customers

Serena C’s father, Eddie Choong:
“I have been taking Lanconone® regularly for the past 3 weeks. My lower back pain in the early morning has now been greatly reduced, and my mobility has improved.”

Hafidz Roshdi’s grandfather, Mohd Jabar @ Ibrahim b Ismail:
“Lanconone® is the best: in three or four days I have seen a visible improvement in my condition. I can walk further and worship with greater ease, and thank God there are no side effects for senior citizens such as myself. Thumbs up Lanconone®!”  
Lanconone retails for RM160 for a pack of 50 capsules and is available at Guardian, Caring, AA and other leading pharmacies nationwide. This article is brought to you by Nuvanta’s Nuvaceuticals division. For further information, please contact 03-5636 3758 or email

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