Indulgence Starts with A Drizzle with MUNCHY’S CHOC-O

March 21, 2018

MUNCHY'S always Malaysia favourite homegrown biscuit brand. You will never feel enough as MUNCHY's satisfied Malaysians’ demands for yummy and crunchy biscuits through its latest delicious creation, MUNCHY’S CHOC-O.

Introduce the latest innovation, MUNCHY's CHOC-O that features a crunchy chocolate chip cookie topped with a delicious chocolate drizzle. The delightful bite-sized chocolate chip cookies are set to capture the hearts and taste buds of indulgence seekers and cookie lovers alike through its deliciously crunchy chocolatey taste and texture that melts in the mouth.

“At MUNCHY’S, the fun never stops as we continue to excite our consumers through our ever-growing offerings that are suited for all ages. We constantly look into creating innovative products that can satisfy our consumers’ cravings in the most convenient and affordable way possible, without compromising on taste and ingredients. MUNCHY’S CHOC-O is created for those who wish to indulge, and this further testifies us as an innovative brand that truly understands our consumers’ ever-changing lifestyles. With this new product, they can now munch on the delicious cookies whenever they need a moment to indulge themselves,” Rodney Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Munchworld Marketing Sdn Bhd.

For more than 25 years, MUNCHY’S has been creating yummylicious and delightful moments for Malaysians by providing affordable biscuits and snacks for every occasion. These days, the constantly on-the-go consumers have very limited time to treat themselves with pampering moments. MUNCHY’S CHOC-O is created to give satisfaction and joy to consumers who are able to truly take charge to taste the joy in life as they indulge in every bite of the delicious chocolate chip cookie. Through this indulgent snack, consumers can now create indulging moments with MUNCHY’S CHOC-O, no matter when and how they intend to indulge - be it enjoying a good read, a movie night on their own, or even taking a short break at the office pantry away from the daily rigors of corporate life. I personally love the pure chocolate that make the MUNCHY's CHOC-O looks more unique and crispy.

MUNCHY’S CHOC-O is available in three different flavors which include Original - for those who are true chocolate chip cookie fans; Double Choc – for those who call themselves chocoholics; and Mixed Nuts – for those who are real nutty and adventurous about their lives! The product can be purchased at neighborhood grocery stores, hypermarkets and retail outlets nationwide. It comes in three different pack sizes, which are 78 gm, 125 gm and 235gm (easy packs) priced at RM 2.30, RM 3.60 and RM7.80 (West Malaysia), RM 2.60, RM 3.80 and RM 8.30 (East Malaysia). All prices stated here are inclusive of GST.


MUNCHY’S, since its birth in 1991, is Malaysia’s No.1 homegrown biscuit brand* with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Batu Pahat, Malaysia, China and Indonesia. MUNCHY’S brand name is present in all biscuit categories and has strong brand presence that caters for all consumer segments. In line with its mission to fill all kinds of fun-eating snacks in every home, MUNCHY’S products are available in most retail outlets in Malaysia and can be found in more than 50 countries globally. Its main products include MUNCHY’S Cream Crackers, LEXUS Sandwich Biscuits, MUZIC Wafer, OAT KRUNCH and CAPTAIN MUNCH cookies.

With Facebook likes of more than 230,000, MUNCHY’S Facebook is interactive and full of surprises. Log on to MUNCHY’s Facebook or MUNCHY’S website for more information.

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