grEAT- The Healthier Fast Food In Malaysia, One Utama Shopping Mall

March 03, 2018

Congratulation to grEAT for the grand opening at One Utama Shopping Mall on the 4th March 2018. grEAT is the 1st automated restaurant in Malaysia that serve healthier fast food. The grand launching was initiated by the founder, Mr Tan Yong Jen, International Celebrity Chef Datuk (Dr) Chef Wan and other VIP.

Time is a gold to everyone, thus we tend to eat unhealthier. I admit I am one of this category. But with the opening of grEAT, everyone can enjoy eat healthier and feel good. Mr. Tan Yong Jen mentions grEAT serve a healthier menu that using fresh vegetables, fruits, and ingredients. No meat is involved in the food preparation. 

Flavorful Satay Bowl

Tempura Mushroom

Passion Mango Bowl

The recipe of grEAT is invented by a group of dietitians as well as a group of chefs. This is to ensure that the food not only delicious but give a full nutrition to the diners. The recipe is meatless, as grEAT believe that vegetables can provide the amount of energy and nutrition that needs by a human body. I do agree with the statement as vegetables not only high in fiber, vitamins but also can provide protein, iron that needed by our body. 

During the launching, Datuk (Dr) Chef Wan also demonstrate healthier cooking to the public. Datuk (Dr) Chef Wan also promote a healthier lifestyle and mention that automated restaurant and healthier eating will be a future trend and himself emphasizes healthy eating as well. "grEAT had combined technologies and healthier eating, providing a brand-new dining experience for customers, that's great!" according to Datuk (Dr) Chef Wan.

How to place an order with grEAT?

1) Through WeChat
  • Scan QR and follow grEAT at WeChat. 
  • Then customers can place an order via their smartphone
  • Collect your meal at the automated vault

See below video on how to order your food using WeChat (Video credit to grEAT)

* The automated vault is convenient and time-saving. The technology of automated restaurant is from the United States.

2) Order at the Counter

  • If you not familiar with WeChat, you may order at the counter
  • Make your payment by cash
  • Collect your food at automated vault using the passcode provided. 

Share the greatness of eating healthier at grEAT to your friends and family. Do encourage them to eat clean and healthier. Thanks to grEAT as Malaysian now can enjoy the beauty of life by eating healthier. For more information, follow grEAT on their official Facebook:

1 Utama Shopping Mall,
Lot 328, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya

Business hour: 10am to 10pm
Contact: 03 7733 7744

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