FAM Trip Muar Johor (Day 1) - Evening Session

March 19, 2018

I'm back with my journey in Muar after the release of part 1, click here to read more.  Let's take a trip to Desa Keroma Eco Resort before ride on Muar River Cruise. Desa Keroma Eco Resort offers luxuries nature retreat and get away from bustling city. Tone of activities has been lined up for us before proceed to Desa Keroma Eco Resort. They offer different type of package/ activities such as Mud Bathing, Hovercraft, eco tour experience. 

Have anyone experience catching live mussel? This is my first time experience it and I get to taste fresh mussels on the spot. Of course the mussels has been cleaned and cooked before served it to us. This is the best mussels, I have tasted so far. 

The Eco tour take about 45 minutes. And there will be a tour guide assign and leading us during the journey.

We proceed to Desa Keroma Eco Resort once we done with Eco Tour. I love the nature scenery at the resort and it suitable for family gateway, team building or even friends gathering. There are different type of homestay been offered and is fully air-conditioning.

Desa Keroma Eco Resort
5923 Jalan,
Jalan Joned ,
Parit Keroma Laut,
84000 Muar Johor

Next agenda is Muar River Cruise. Muar River cruise is located at Jeti Tanjung Emas, Muar Johor. Adult ticket priced at RM12 , Children ticket priced at RM6 while tourist ticket priced at RM15. 

The tour take about half hour whereby we enjoy the historical of Muar city. The cruise offer a little tour of Muar city along the river. The crew ensure the safety of their passenger whereby everyone advice to wear safety jacket during the cruise session.

Muar River Cruise,
Jalan Tanjung 4, Taman Emas
84000, Muar, Johor

After the tiring day, we depart back to hotel and check in. No much exploration of the hotel as we will proceed for dinner. No worries. I will share more regarding the experience stay at Traders Hotel Muar in next write up. We meet up at Laman Oleh Oleh Maharani before proceed for dinner.

Laman Oleh Oleh Maharani

Laman Oleh Oleh Maharani operate from 10 am to 10pm including public holiday. At Laman Oleh Oleh Maharani, you get to buy and taste Muar Traditional food such as Otak-Otak or Mee Siput. They do market handmade souvenirs.

Laman Oleh Oleh Maharani has become one of the attraction for tourist. More information regarding Muar can be found at Tourist Information center that located at Laman Oleh Oleh Maharani.

Laman Oleh Oleh Maharani
Jalan Maharani,
Taman Sri Tanjung,
84000 Muar,

Our dinner was at Restoran Marina Tanjung Emas. Filled with delectable dishes that searve in buffet style. A warm environment that accompany with nice music and traditional dance. Not manage to capture the nice dishes as everyone has started with their dinner once arrive Restoran Marina Tanjung Emas.

After our wonderful dinner, we take a breath at Taman Tanjung Emas. If you have time, try their fancy trishaw (Beca). Taman Tanjung Emas is a recreation park that filled with some activities such as bicycle riding, children playground, 9-hole golf course and etc.

Restoran Marina Tanjung Emas
Tanjung Emas Jalan Petri,
84000 Muar, Johor

End up our day 1 tour with the best Sup Tulang in Muar. Muar Soup House is operate since 1958 serve different type of amazing food such as Sup Kambing, Sup tulang, mee bandung and etc

I bet you will love the soup kambing. Thick and creamy broth which the meat is soft and chewy. The taste is strong with a bit of spiciness. Such a appetizing soup and this is the best soup I ever taste. Do come early to "chop" a nice seat as the place always full with customers.

Muar Soup House
47, Jalan Sisi,
Pekan Muar,
84000 Muar Johor

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