Enchanteur Perfume Lotion - Unfold the Nice Scent Of Lotion

March 24, 2018

ENCHANTEUR is inspire by French Fragrance that has become women's No.1 favorite product. Looking great and smell nice indirectly boost your confidence level in front of public. Thanks to ENCHANTEUR Perfume Lotion that inspired my life with nice smell.

ENCHANTEUR Perfume Lotion comes in nice and slim packaging. You even can bring it with you while travelling. Apply daily to achieve smooth and silky skin result.

ENCHANTEUR Perfume Lotion 24H Moist

Come in 3 different natural fragrance: Romantic, Alluring and charming. Formulated with Olive oil, rose water and Lily extract that delivers the best result to my skin. Light and milky cream lotion that easily absorbs into my skin. Non sticky lotion and it keeps my skin moisture within 24 hours. apply daily for delightfully soft , supple and silky smooth skin. 

ENCHANTEUR Perfume Lotion Stunning

ENCHANTEUR Stunning wearer will be astounded by the scent-sational whiffs she catches on herself, which will make her feel extraordinary and exude a magnetic personality. Stunning gives a perfect smell as it blends of Turkish Rose, Magnolia, enhanced by the sweetness from Blackcurrant Bud and Raspberry and the sultry headiness of Sandalwood. Love the touch of silky feeling on my skin. 

ENCHANTEUR Perfume Lotion Alluring Radiant White

If you prefer a fairer complexion, you may consider ENCHANTEUR Perfume Lotion Alluring Radiant White. Content Vitamin C and Licorice Extract to lighten and moisture my skin while protecting my skin from harmful UV rays. Enchanteur Alluring Whitening Body Lotion with its seductive fragrance of Rose and Iris enhanced with creamy Vanilla to give my skin tender loving care.

Overall, I love each of ENCHANTEUR Perfume Lotion and it delivers a natural scent from the ingredient itself. As I mention earlier, the texture of each perfume lotion is light and milky cream type that comes with a high absorption power to keep my skin moisture all day long. Yes, a creamy texture but non greasy type lotion. 

Come with a tight cap to prevent leakage happen and maintain the nice smell of the lotion. 

If you love fragrance type of lotion, you will definitely love ENCHANTEUR Perfume lotion. ENCHANTEUR Perfume lotion is available at all major hypermarket, supermarket and pharmacies. 

For more information about ENCHANTEUR, please log on to www.enchanteur.com.my or check out ENCHANTEUR’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/enchanteurmy .

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