Kotori - The Ultimate Homemade Bakery

February 18, 2018

Looking for customized cookies? or premium designed cakes? Well, Kotori Home Bakery has got you covered. Speaking of " Kotori" , you will related it to a feminine Japanese given name or a famed manga artist of Pink Innocent, Kotori Momoyuki?

But Kotori Home Bakery brings a new meaning that bring sinfulness to your taste buds. Kotori was born out of a natural love of baking and passion for how the simple act of eating dessert makes people feel. The story originated in a home kitchen by founder Elaine Tan, who took great pleasure from providing happiness to friends and family through her food.

The heart and soul of Kotori is in the finest quality of ingredients, hand-picked and chosen by Elaine, to ensure every cake and cookie meets the demand of your taste buds. Every creation produced by Kotori is lovingly hand made to perfection, with great pride taken from the process of preparation to packaging of each homemade dessert. Thumb up to her homemade tart that fill with a healthy flavors that make with so much love. The homemade tarts are pleasing to the eyes and mouth-watering to anyone taste’s bud.

Kotori uses a combination of traditional and modern secret recipes (and a touch of warm love), every creation is made from scratch daily, without added preservatives which enhances freshness – a true quality of Kotori.

Photo Credit: Kotori Home Bakery

Photo Credit: Kotori Home Bakery
Kotori upholds its aim in delivering an extensive range of the freshest and finest quality of chiffon, cakes, mousse cake, birthday cakes, cupcakes and cookies for any occasions and for any palate. Kotori also welcomes creative ideas and special requests for bespoke bakery. I promise you that you will enjoy every taste of Kotori Homemade cake and dessert. I always prefer a homemade items as no preservative and use a good quality ingredients. 

Photo Credit: Kotori Home Bakery
Kotori is ready to receive your order. For more information, please email Elaine Tan at kotorihomebakery@gmail.com or SMS to 012-648.8836 if you might have any inquiries.

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