TaskZon App, A Brand New Platform For Property Agents And Buyers

January 14, 2018

Do you think 2018 is a good starting to invest in property? But what is the biggest factor that effect buyer decision?

Financial planning? Location? Market condition? Trustable property agents? House value? Whether you are first-timer buyer or buying your second house, all of these factors actually effect your decision.

Finding a trustable property agents is my main concern. Introduce to you TaskZon, a brand new platform for property agents and buyers. TaskZon might be new in the market but TaskZon has the strong and secure platform for both buyers and agents. TaskZon is a subsidiary Company of MODAL KHAS GROUP OF COMPANIES. TaksZon motto is to develop a contemporary and a user friendly app for buyers to seek their dream property.

How to use TaskZon app?

TaskZon currently available for android user and it can be downloaded via google play.

If you are buyer, you can sign up as user and the same applied to property agent whereby they can sign up as agent.

The sign up process only take less than 1 minute to register. The view and function as a buyer and agent might be different in this app. 

TaskZon concept is simple whereby this app help to post and match between buyer and agent. Let's see what is the TaskZon benefit for both party.


Free Sign Up and Free Listing

Sign up as TaskZon user for free. As a user, you can post in the app if you are planning to buy a house. If you wish to rent out a room, house or even shoplot, you can post in the app for free. 

Save Your Time

TaskZon app also save your time. Just submit your request in the app and leave it to TaskZon doing the matching and find suitable agent to serve you.

Secure Your Information

As a user, I usually concern about my personal information or contact will be distribute to different agents. And I do feel irritating if receive several call from different property agents. By using TaskZon app, you won't facing this problem. The app has you to filter and certain agents would able see your request based on the property location that you which to buy or rent. The agents only can contact your via message in the private chatroom. No contact detail/ information will be send to the agent. User get to choose which agent that they prefer to deal with. TaskZon and ensure the secure of your information. 

Deal with verified and Quality Agents

TaskZon always ensure they provide a good quality property agents to their user. User can use the app to review/ feedback and rate the agent service. TaskZon will carry a verification once agent has sign up with Taskzon. Agent will received sms code as verification and TaskZon staff will contact the agency of particular agent for verification.


Get Potential Buyers in the Most Efficient and Effective Way

In the hand, TaskZon app also benefit the agents as buyers will contact the agent with no cost. Indirectly you can eliminate competition within your area and get the potential buyer in effective way.

Time Efficiency and Save in Advertising

Are you still doing traditional marketing whereby you need to fork out your own money for advertisement? How much do you need to spend on social media or flyer? And this cost is not claimable. Ask yourself, how much time you need to spend daily to get a new buyer or promote your property? With Taskzon, you safe your money in advertisement and also promoting. Every year TaskZon will spend minimum 1 million for advertisement every year. 

Extra Profit Via Co-Agency

Agent can use Co-Agency feature to earn extra profit together. Why need to compete with each other whereby you have the app that help you to earn extra profit. Is a win - win situation for both agents.

Additional from this, Taskzon also provide in house training or workshop for both buyer and agents from time to time. TaskZon are trying to revolutionize the property industry and bring in more potential buyers and income. TaskZon also will actively participate in a property exhibition to introduce their new platform. 

For more information, you may download TaskZon app in your mobile or connect with TaskZon via:-

Official Website

Official Facebook

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