Shape A Healthy Lifestyle With Jonlivia, Malaysia No.1 Active Wear

January 11, 2018

What is your New Year Resolution for 2018? Shape a healthy lifestyle with Jonlivia, Malaysia No.1 active wear. Jonlivia Compression Pants is specially design for your flexible moving while maintaining the comfort on skin. 

Jonlivia is more than an active wear as they do offer Phiro support and shapewear items. Today I going to focus on Jonlivia Compression Pants. I love the soft texture of the pants and it fits my body well while maintaining the flexibility of my movement. It helps me to master my workout effectively. 

Jonlivia Compression Pants is breathable, stretchable and it feels comfortable even wearing for a long hours. Scare of sweating process, no worries as Jonlivia Compression pants is fast drying fabrics. And the pant conducive to sweat and keep me cool during workout. The best part about their fabrics is it able to transfer water vapor to the outer layer and adjust our body temperature and humidity. 

Jonlivia compression pant come with zipped back pockets for your to keep your essentials. I love the exclusive design and we hardly can find a workout pant with pocket. Each of the pant is handle with care especially the sewing part and it last longer.

Jonlivia Compression pant is available in 3 sizes (S, M, L). Jonlivia Compression Pants is not only suitable for workout but also for casual wear.

There are no reason for me not to choose Jonlivia. Indeed I fall in love with their compression pant. Check out more regarding the compression pants at Jonlivia Official website .

Start create your own workout series with Jonlivia. Jonlivia official FB:

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