Premium Mask: ID.AZ Derm Face Mask

January 21, 2018

Start a new chapter bringing another challenge into my life. At the same time, my skin condition when through different stages due to age. There are no ugly women in the world unless a lazy women. Our skin is just like our health and need frequent maintenance. Don't let ageing, sagging skin or even dull skin haunted your life.

Let's starting 2018 with meaningful thing as I going to give more love and attention to my skin. I'll be sharing a new face mask from Korea.  ID.AZ Derm face mask is a product from Korea and these are premium Mask. They are different from normal mask that we use to buy. 

How ID.AZ Derm Face Mask come into market?

ID.AZ Derm Mask started with ID Health Care group that focus and care about facial shape. Due to large people dissatisfied with facial shape and skin, ID Health Care Group started to look an alternative to help them and this is how ID Pla Cosmetics began. The purpose of ID is to take care of sensitive skin and seeking cosmetics to take care our facial shape. I believe ID. AZ Derm Face Mask is the perfect mask for our skin. ID.AZ Derm Face Mask collection feature 3 different type of masks: ID.AZ Dermastic Water-Fit Mask, ID.AZ Dermastic Brighten-Fit Mask and ID.AZ Dermastic Golden-Fit Mask

ID.AZ Dermastic Water Fit Mask (RM12.90)

Keeping our skin hydrate all the time is important and ID really understand women skin condition. Id.AZ Dermastic Water Fit mask delivers sufficient moisture to our skin. The mask is suitable for dry skin that always thirst for moisture.

The mask skin is thin and fit my small face perfectly. The best part, it provides a good soothing effect while calming my sensitive skin. And the mask doesn't leave any sticky feeling. The mask feature Marine collagen, deep sea water, hyaluronic acid panthenol, betaine, alantoin. 

ID.AZ Dermastic Bright Fit Mask (RM12.90)

Who doesn't like snowing and smooth skin? Id.AZ Dermastic Bright Fit Mask turn a light into your skin like a magic. Contain pearl luster that help to brighten up the skin. It helps to brighten up the dull skin and skin feel more refresh after the mask session. 

The mask feature perar, hyaluronic acid, green tea, licorice, Witch Hazel, raspberry, blueberry, trehalose. You may find the mask slightly thicker as it gives immediate brighten to the skin. If use for long term, it help to brighten up the dark spot. Feel the natural brighten and glowing skin.

ID.AZ Dermastic Gold Fit Mask (RM19.90)

This mask worth to be mentioned as your skin get the best nutrient and treatment. ID.AZ Dermastic Gold Fit Mask of course famous with luxurious and it is based on high level of esthetic know-how which can be conveniently used at home.

This is hydrogel mask and it actually stick to my skin perfectly. Love the cooling effect when apply on the mask. My skin look more firmer and nourishing. The mask feature  gold, honey, royal jelly, propolis, red ginseng collagen, ceramide, aloe, panthenol. If you prefer luxurious and premium mask, why not choosing ID.AZ Dermastic Gold Fit Mask. Reasonable price and provide the maximum effect to my skin. Thumb up to this mask.

ID.AZ Derm fasce Mask is available in Watsons nationwide since December 2017. If you missed out introduction price, you still can enjoy Buy 2nd @ RM1 when you purchase online at Watsons Malaysia. Restock you mask now and it worth to invest on ID.AZ Derm Face Mask. 

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