Mon Chaang Thai Tea By Chapayom @Sunway Pyramid

January 19, 2018

Finally Mon Chaang Thai Tea has arrived in Malaysia. MonChaang Thai Tea by Chapayom  is originate from Thailand. Mon Chaang has received Super brand Franchise Award in 2007 and Malaysian can enjoy the original of Thai Tea.

For Thai Tea lover, you will definitely fall in love with their tea as the tea is brew from good quality of tea leaf from Chiang Rai. Taste or smell yourself the nice aroma of their tea leaf.

Mon Chaang officially opened their second branch at LG2 Aeon Mall, Sunway Pyramid with super affordable price. Mon Chaang always ensure the hygiene in preparation of the drinks.

Mon Chaang offers variety of Thai Tea ranging from milk type to pure tea. You can request them to reduce the sugar and ice level. Choose from 15 different types of Thai Tea that offer by Mon Chaang Thai tea. 

Thai Milk Green Tea
Thai Milk Red Tea always my 1st choice. Love the pure and origin of the red tea. Add in milk for nice flavor.

Thai Milk Red Tea

Thai Milk Rose Tea
Thai Milk Tea & Coffee (Cham)

Thai Mocha (Cocoa & Coffee)
For coffee lover, you might want to try their Thai Milk Coffee. Strong taste of coffee that satisfied your taste buds.
Thai Milk Coffee

Thai Milk Cocoa (Chocolate)

If you love something refreshing, you can choose their pure tea (without milk). I will always go with their Thai red Tea. 

Thai Red Tea

Thai Rose Tea

Thai Green Tea

Mon Chaang Thai tea comes in 3 different types of preparation. You can request for Hot (RM4.90), Cold (RM5.90) or Blended (RM6.90).

Check out for their snacks area as all the snacks are imported from Thailand. Mon Chaang Thai Tea do offer combos of snack and a drink for only RM10.90.

I personally recommend Mon Chaang Thai Tea as I love the pure and original of their Thai tea and value for money.

Mon Chaang Thai Tea
LG2, Aeon Mall,
Sunway Pyramid

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