Celebrate Auspicious Chinese New Year At Three Brothers Restaurant @Shah Alam

January 18, 2018

Ring in the auspicious Chinese New Year with Three Brothers unique Yee Sang 'Giant Clam & Salmon Yee Sang'. Coupled with fresh salmon, giant clam, crushed nuts, other essentials, encased with douse of homemade plum sauce.

Giant Clam & Salmon Yee Sang

We are ready for the toss. Yee Sang is shared among family and friends, whereby everyone will toss the dish while expressing auspicious wishes to herald the coming of a brand new year.

Geoduck and Fish Maw Soup

Geoduck and Fish Maw soup was absolutely decadent and nourishing. The chef used a great combination such as chicken with geoduck, fish maw, mushroom and dried scallop to achieve a good taste and flavor.   

Ginger Steamed Giant Grouper

Grouper has a firm and moist texture with a sweet flavor. The best preparation is steam with ginger. Simple, yet healthy and taste good. 

Money Bag with Fish Maw

Gold or money is symbolize of wealth in Chinese New Year. Money bag with Fish Maw is a must dish during Chinese New Year. The texture of fish maw is similar like sea cucumber and excellent source of collagen. I love the chewy and soft texture of the fish maw and this is my favorite dish.

Spanish Iberico Ribs

Prepare to get your hands dirty with Spanish Iberico ribs and show down the meaty delicacies. Tender and flavourful meats that will neither gives your jaw a tough time while chewing nor a desire to drown them in a sauce- as it really taste good on its own. Sucking and licking meat from the bone is acceptable as the ribs as this ribs rock my taste buds. 

Scallop and Prawn in Truffle Oil

The dish present beautifully on the plate and it smell so aromatic. The dish is earthy, aromatic taste goes well almost everything.

Tobiko Crab Meat Fried Rice

The dish comes with a chunks of crab meat and the rice fried until golden. Topped with generous and fresh Tobiko on it. It was not soggy at all and such an appetizing dish. 

Premium Italy Tiramisu

Each of the Chinese New Year menu come with either Homemade Dessert or Premium Italy Tiramisu. The Italy Tiramisu definitely a plus for sweet tooth lover as it so moist and spongy.

Chinese New Year Menu 2018

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