An Opulent Chinese New year Reunion Dinner Awaits @ Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur

January 09, 2018

Welcome the auspicious upcoming Chinese New Year with wonderful Reunion Dinner specially prepared by Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The reunion dinner, priced at RM1188 per set for set for 10 diners and it available from 8th February to 12th March 2018 at 6pm onwards.

The reunion dinner will be at Coffee House that located at Level 9, Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur. If you prefer privacy and opt for dine with family members, friends or even with corporate clients, an arrangement in various function rooms can be arranged upon request. The hotel has spacious 15 function rooms scattered between  Level 9 (Diamond 1,2,3,4 and Meet on 9), 10 (Meet on 10) and Level 35 (Meet on 35). 

The Reunion Dinner come in two different set (Set A and Set B) and each of the set priced at RM1188 net. The Reunion Dinner is specially prepared by Chef Chew Keng Chai and his team. Chinese New Year will not complete without Salmon Yee Sang. Yee Sang is symbol of prosperity and usually served as started before main course.

Hot And Sour Sze Chuan Seafood Soup

Hot and sour Sze Chuan soup basically famous in China country and the dish suitable for any occasion. Be amazed with the thickness of the soup that full with fresh ingredients. 

Roasted Crispy Chicken with Cucumber Plum Sauce

Blasting with high heat and turn the skin into golden brown whereby it seal in all the juices to create extremely moist and tender chicken. Enjoy the juiciness of the chicken together with cucumber plum sauce. 

Steamed Sea Garoupa 'Hong Kong' Style

Steamed Sea Garoupa 'Hong Kong' style also known as Canto style whereby the steam process is simple without added much condiments. Love the sweetness of the fish meat and the dish satisfied my appetite. 

Stir-fried Tiger Prawns cooked with Salted Egg Yolk

The Tiger Prawns is fresh and juicy. I always prefer Tiger Prawns cooked with salted egg yolk as it gives a nice aroma and taste delicious. 

Stir-Fried Brocolli with Mushroom Dumpling

If you love simple yet delicious dishes, this Stir-fried Brocolli with Mushroom dumpling will blown your mind!! Indeed the Mushroom dumpling taste delicious and mushroom texture is soft and smooth. Thumb up to this dish.

Steamed Lotus Rice with Chicken and Yam

I simply love the glutinous rice enclosing a heap of ingredients such as chicken and yam and wrapped in a Lotus Leaf. I can smell the wonderful scent imparted by the Lotus Leaf once I unwrapped it. Check out the Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice with Chicken - soft, moist and sticky glutinous rice encasing a delicious mix of chicken and yam infused with the aroma of the Lotus Leaf.

Chilled Honeydew with Sago in Sea Coconut and Baked Spiral Lotus Puff

The course ends with delicious desserts of chilled honeydew with sago. A perfect desserts that satisfied our appetite. 

As per above post, the Reunion Dinner come in two different sets menu. Below is the set menu list:-

Set A
Salmon Yee Sang (Full Set)
Hot and Sour Sze Chuan Seafood Soup
Roasted Crispy Chicken with Cucumber Plum Sauce
Deep Fried Red Snapper with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Stir Fried Tiger Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk
Stir Fried Brocolli with Mushroom Dumplings
Steamed lotus Rice with Chicken and Yam
Chilled Honeydew Sago with Rock Melon
Baked Spiral Lotus Puff
Chinese Tea

Set B
Salmon Yee Sang (Full Set)
Braised Crabmeat and Seaweed Soup with Dried Scallops
Roasted Crispy Chicken with Cucumber Plum Sauce
Steamed Sea Garoupa
Stir Fried Tiger Prawns with Nestum
Stir Fried Nai Pak with Premium Vegetable Stock, Garlic and Mushroom Dumplings
Salted fish and Silver Anchovies Fried Rice
Chilled Ice Longan with Sea Coconut
Baked Spiral Lotus Puff
Chinese Tea

According to Chef Chew, the highlight of the main course will be the lip-smacking main dishes; Deep Fried red Snapper with Sweet and Sour Sauce, Stir Fried Tiger Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk, Stir Fried Broccoli with Mushroom Dumplings and Steamed Lotus rice with Chicken and Yam. Each set dinner, diners will be served with Chinese Tea.

Chef Chew Keng Chai is the head Chinese Chef who has been working in the hotel industry since year 2002. He has bring his wealth of experience in Chinese culinary to Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur since year 2016 and shared his expertise with his team ever since. He gained impressive awards throughout his career such as 'Gold Medal in Fabulous Food1Malaysia in 2010 Smart Chef's Cooking Competition' for Hot Dish Awards category; Bronze Awrd in international Chef Cuisine Culinary Challenge in year 2014 by Hong Kong Lee Kum Kee.

The Coffee house is located at Level 9 of Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur whereby it offers an array of Western and Asian delicacies. The restaurant has a perfect setting for a truly relaxing, ambience. It can accommodate until 300 dining guests for lunch and dinner (daily) and also serve an array of 8 'Chef's Most Recommended' set menus from 11am to 10.30pm daily. For more information regarding Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur, you may visit their official website at

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