The Important of MyIPO In Protecting Intellectual Property Of The Ownership

December 21, 2017

Blogging is my biggest passion and I love to pen down my own idea and creativity in my own blog. But my biggest challenge in blogging is "Copycats" and I believe this situation also facing by the creator, designer or writer whereby their original idea/pattern/trademark been stolen. How can we protect the genuine of our contents, trademark, patents or even our own brand? To whom we can get advice regarding intellectual property?

MyIPO or known as Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia is an autonomous and corporatized agency responsible for the development and management of the intellectual property system i.e patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights and layout designs of integrated circuits in Malaysia.

MyIPO Background

Prior to 1983, intellectual property rights (IPR) in Malaysia was administered by Pejabat Cap Dagangan dan Jaminhak. Then they have changed the office name as  Pejabat Cap Dagangan dan Paten in 1983 and was placed under the jurisdiction of the then Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The Ministry was restructured on 27 October 1990 and the Office was placed under the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs which is now known as Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operative and Consumerism. Hence the name has been changed to Intellectual Property Division. The Division was tasked to administer Patents Act 1983, Trade Marks Act 1976, and Copyright Act 1987.

The Industrial Designs Act 1996 came into force in 1999, followed by the Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits Act 2000. In 2001, the Geographical Indications Act 2000 came into force.

To respond to the development of intellectual property at domestic and global levels, the Division was corporatized on 3 March 2003 and known as the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (PHIM), with the enforcement of the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia Act 2002.

The Corporation took an important first step of rebranding when the acronym PHIM became MyIPO on 3 March 2005 at the inaugural National Intellectual Property Day.

The Objective of MyIPO

MyIPO not only providing information to the public regarding intellectual property but also create an awareness to the public regarding the importance of intellectual property. As you can see below chart, the objective of MyIPO is wide whereby they do strengthen intellectual property laws to protect creator/designer/ owner of the brand like us. 

MyIPO Vision

MyIPO vision is to be one of the leading intellectual property organisations.

MyIPO Mission

MyIPO mission is providing a strong legal infrastructure and effective administration regime to enhance greater creativity and exploitation of intellectual property.

Management Team

Below is MyIPO management team 

As an owner of our brand, it is important to understand and aware our right to protect intellectual property. I'm glad that Malaysia has a proper organization that actually help and protect the creator. Find out more regarding MyIPO :-


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