The Best Waffle Waffle! Signature Is Opening At Sunway Pyramid Mall

December 24, 2017

Congratulation to Waffle Waffle for the grand opening of their new kiosk at Sunway Pyramid. To celebrate the grand opening, Waffle Waffle are given away 100 free waffles to the public within 2 days on 16th December to 17th December 2017.

To enjoy the free Waffle, public need to like Waffle Waffle Facebook. Then share Waffle Waffle's Facebook to your friends and Tag 3 of friends in the comment.

The crowd response are good during the grand opening. Waffle Waffle is famous with their variety of waffle. Their waffle is served hot from the pan and hygiene is prioritize in this process.  

Diner gets to choose different type of Waffle Waffle Signature dish: Sandwich Waffle, Spread Waffle, Ice cream waffle or Fruit waffle.

I enjoy every bite of the waffle as the texture of the waffle is crispy. No additional water is add on to the process of making waffle. And they use high quality of ingredients.

The grand opening ended with ribbon cutting and Waffle Wafle is official open to public at Sunway Pyramid. For more information, kindly refer to Waffle Waffle 's Facebook:

Once again special thanks to Waffle Waffle Malaysia for the invitation. Feel free to browse their Waffle Waffle Official Website:

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