Singapore: Sukki Singapora Launches Lipstick Range- LASplash Cosmetics

December 04, 2017

Singapore’s first burlesque artist, Sukki Singapora has teamed up with global cosmetics brand, LASplash Cosmetics to create a 6-color lipstick collection made up of 3 mattes and 3 glosses ranging from pretty pinks, a glamorous gold and statement reds.

Priced at US$18 each, the lipsticks were specially created by Sukki based on her all-time favourites:

· Sukki (Sukki’s signature day-time red)

· Chio Chic (local slang for cute)

· Desi Queen (ideal for bronze skin tones)

· Burlesque Babe (Sukki’s stage lipstick)

· Girl Power (a punchy pink)

· Cupcake Dream (reminiscent of pink cake frosting)

The lipistick collection was designed for young women in mind that are looking for long-lasting performance with zero cake, flake, crumble, smudge or smear.

A first for the renowned beauty queen, who is also well-known for her activism, Sukki says, “I wanted to create a line of colors to inspire and empower young women to be themselves, and who better to partner with than a fantastic beauty brand that I’ve been using for many years to create my most powerful looks - both on and off the stage.”

“I’m also really proud of working so closely with the LASplash team, and spending so much time in the factory to formulate and design everything from the color-range, the glitter in each of the lipsticks, and the lotus flower packaging.Of course the best part of the process was choosing the scents which are based on my favourite flavours of cake - as everyone knows how much I love cake!” she adds cheekily.

Available for purchase online at .As a special introductory offer for orders of 6 or more lipsticks, LASplash Cosmetics are offering FREE shipping.

Sukki Profile:

"A talent dripping with so much sensuality and exotic flavour it'll make your mouth water, and a 17.5 inch swarovski-adorned waist so impressive it'll make your eyes water! The epitome of class on legs, her jawdropping Singaporean beauty sashays across the stage in a sensory feast which will make you wonder what else you've been missing!" – Marie Ellis, MTV

She’s known as the modern Asian role model and "one of the most beautiful women in burlesque" and has been referred to as “the kind of person who electrifies the internet”. Facebook chose her to represent "what International Women’s Day was all about", and her fans include Cherie Blair, Bill Gates, and Buckingham Palace. Even Desmond Tuttu has referred to her as “wonderful.” 

Sukki Singapora is Singapore's first ever Burlesque Artist, and gained phenomenal global recognition by becoming the first woman in history to perform a full legal burlesque show in Singapore in January 2015 after four years of campaigning. Sukki's work as a role model for Asian women and men in the arts saw her shortlisted for London's Asian Women of Achievement Awards, during which she was praised by former UK PM's leading lady, Cherie Blair and the BBC’s Reeta Chakrabarti. 

Her outstanding achievements lead to a Royal Invitation to Buckingham Palace – the first Burlesque Artist in the world ever to be invited for tea by the Royal Family - firmly securing her position as one of the most trail-blazing Burlesque Artists of our time. By July 2015 Sukki was awarded the ultimate Burlesque accolade, an invitation to perform at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, for being a "Mover, Shaker and Innovator" in the world of Burlesque. 

In 2016 Sukki was nominated and shortlisted for the United Nations Women’s He For She Awards, and subsequently went on to headline the closing parties for London Fashion Week for the second year running. 

By 2017 she had amassed a large and loyal social media and online following, travelling the word as both an Artist and a Global Ambassador for The Sharan Project, a charity providing support for vulnerable women. In February 2017 she was welcomed into Hollywood and dubbed “the next big thing” by the founder of Haute Living Magazine and her mentor, music legend David Foster. Sukki is known for her lavish, quirky and elaborate performances and costumes, which bring a modern twist to a timeless art.

Her gowns and corsets are not only designed by the artist herself, but each piece is encrusted with thousands of hand-placed Swarovski crystals and imaginative embellishments, which adorn her breathtaking 17.5 inch corseted silhouette. Sukki's incredible passion for design is reflected in the time it takes to complete just one of these stunning feats of artistry; sometimes over two years from conception.

Sukki truly is an artist, a talent and an indisputable female powerhouse.

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