Softree Malaysia Creating A New Soft Ice Cream Culture @MyTown Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

December 28, 2017

Weekend is catching up soon, why not check out Softree, a new place to enjoy your favorite soft serve ice-cream? Softree started in Seoul, Korea since 2013. And this culture has been brought into Malaysia.  The first outlet has been set up at MyTown Shopping Centre.

Softree is the first brand to create, produce soft serve ice cream made from organic milk and natural honey. Softree only use fresh, pure and high quality of ingredients from Korea. That mean you can enjoy healthy soft serve ice creams with peace of mind. 

Let's check out these cool and instagramable ice cream place. You get to choose whether you prefer original or dark chocolate ice cream to serve in a cup or cone. Complementing their premium ice creams are a range of fresh and organic ingredients including organic cotton candy, real honeycomb slices oozing honey and fresh fruits.

Original (RM10.90)

If you prefer original taste, Softree original is the best as their soft serve is soft and rich with organic milk. And it melts perfectly in your mouth. 

Wow! Honey Chips (RM13.90)

Don't forget to try their Softree Signature is Wow! Honey Chips. An organic milk ice-cream with healthy Honey Chips. 

As mention on above post, Softree will only use pure, healthy and premium ingredients.

Liquid Honey (RM12.90)

An organic milk ice cream with sweet liquid honey. Both ingredients blend very well to create a smooth and sweet taste.

Guerande Sel (RM12.90)

A unique name as the organic milk ice cream is fill with drizzled rich chocolate and French sea salt. I am craving for their Guerande sel.

It's A Magic lamp (RM12.90)

A dark chocolate ice cream drizzled with caramel and coated with savory and sweet powder. Something unique and worth to try on it.

Mango Mango (RM12.90) 

If you are mango lover, you definitely would love to try their mango mango.  A dark chocolate ice cream with sweet mango fruit topping and condensed with milk. 

The Good Affogato (RM13.90)

A dark chocolate ice cream drowned in decaffeinated barley-cano. A bitter taste of Affogato blend well with a sweet and healthy dark chocolate ice cream. I love the combination and it create a perfect match. 

Yogurt Rangup (RM12.90)

An organic milk ice cream topped with Crunchy Greek Yogurt. Thumb up for this flavor.

Mother Bread (RM8.90)

Baked bread until the bread turn into golden brown. The baked bread has been spread on with butter and honey and sand milk ice cream or dark chocolate ice cream. 

Are you excited to try out Softree soft serve ice cream? I will be giving away 20% discount voucher to 10 lucky readers. Just comment " I want Softree" at my fanpage: Betty Journey . The first 10 to comment will walk away with Softree discount voucher. 

For more information regarding Softree Malaysia, check out their Facebook at or Official Instagram website:

Softree Malaysia
Lot No.B1 056,
Basement 1, MyTown Shopping Centre,
No.6, Jalan Cochrane,
Seksyen 90, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03 9286 8100

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