Product Review: Rapunzel's Secret Hair Box from Althea

December 25, 2017

I am a big fans of fairytales especially Rapunzel as she has lovely, healthy and golden long hair. How she manage her hair?  Rapunzel's Secret Hair Box is the answer and you can get this beauty box from Althea Malaysia. Althea is my No.1 beauty online shopping platform that I will consider. 

Let's Unbox Rapunzel's Secret Hair Box

Aritaum Colorize Hair Bleach 

Is time to turn my boring, thick and dark hair into golden brown color. Accepting the challenge as I going to dye my hair using Aritaum Colorize Hair Bleach (10g+30ml). 

How to Use? 

Mix the material powder with material lotion and the ration is 1:3. Blend it together and then apply slowly onto the hair.

The texture is thick and you might need a clean comb to ensure the color is evenly spread on your hair. Avoid applying onto the scalp. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes before rinsing off. You can adjust the leave-on-time to adjust the result that you want. Refer to products instruction for better understanding. 

You might need to identified your hair condition and the level bleaching that you want. As mention my hair condition is to thick and dark, the end result turn out not as expected.

April Skin Turn-Up Color Treatment (60ml)

If you looking for temporary color, April Skin Turn-Up Color treatment will be the right choice. The hair color will stay for two weeks and is easy to color it at home.

How to use?

Put on glove before apply the color tint on your hair. Leave it on for 20 -30 minutes after apply on the color treatment. Rinse off with  water and follow by shampoo and conditioner. You might want to use separate towel as the color faded gradually and naturally.

Personal Review: For thicker hair like me, it may take time for the color to be visible. The best way, you may want to apply stronger tint and leave it for a longer time. And the hair color look natural and it does not damage my hair cuticles.

Dr. Dr B5 Shampoo Anti-Hair Loss (50ml) 

The next step is shampoo as usual. Dr. D B5 Shampoo Anti-Loss (50ml) is a cleansing shampoo that deep clean my hair. This powerful shampoo help to eliminate the left over chemical on my hair and resolve my hair loss problem.

Hair loss sometime can be caused by oily scalp or dandruff. B5 shampoo anti-hair loss contains menthol ingredients that leaves a cool and refreshing feeling on my scalp. And Dexpanthenol and Danosu that can help to strengthen my hair roots. 

How to Use?

Firstly dampen your hair before apply on the cleansing shampoo. Slowly massage into your scalp and hair to eliminate the remaining residue. Be gentle to your scalp and avoid scratching it during shampoo session.  Leave it for 3 minutes before rinse off with clear water.

Personal review: The texture of the shampoo is light and clear. I love the cooling effect and it helps to calm down my itchy scalp. And the shampoo did not foam much bubble. And my hair loss problem has decreased to 20%.

Mise-en-scene Perfect repair Mask Pack (15ml)

Pamper your hair with mask session to keep your help healthy and shinning especially after dye/ironing/perming treatment. Easily to use the steam hair mask and you can do it by yourself at home. 

How to use?

Follow the step that stated on the mask pack. Apply on the hair mask evenly on the hair. The hair mask contains intensive nutrition with 7x oil cocktail such as Argan, Carmelia, Coconut, Apricot, Marula, Jojoba and Olive oil that protect and treat a damage hair. 

Step 2: Wear on the hot oil coated steam hair mask cap and adjust use the built in sticker to adjust the cap according to your head size. Gently massage hair and leave in for 15 minutes before rinsing off.

Suaviss Exclusive Travel Kit (40mlx3)

This is my favorite items as it come in tube packaging and travel-friendly kit. This premium kit contains shampoo, conditioner and foam cleanser.  

Suaviss Angelica Hair Shampoo

I love the light and mild texture. The shampoo contains organic argan oil that can help to soften my hair. Suaviss products is safe to use long term as it made with natural herbal extracts. 

Suaviss Argan Brilliant Hair Conditioner

Complete the process by apply on Suavis Argan Brilliant Hair conditioner that leave my hair shinning and easy to maintain.

Suaviss Perfect One Foaming Pore Cleanser

I love the nice scent of the foaming cleanser. It helps to deep clean your pores and leave my skin refresh and moisture. Suitable for all skin type.

Suaviss Argan Trial Sample Kits

Another best hair care products from Suaviss. The trial sample kits contains Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner sample kits. It helps to maintain strong, healthy and glowing hair. Light texture of the shampoo and conditioner.

Piolang CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tinture (100ml)

Due to hot weather in Malaysia, our scalp easily get oily and itchy. Piolang CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tinture  can help to sooth and calm irritated scalp. I can feel the cooling effect and it smells nice too. The spa scalp contains sea salts that provides minerals and nutrient to our scalp.

How to use?

Spray on the itchy and dry scalp. Gently massage the with fingertips.

Petitfree Koelf  Deep Scalp Purifying Swab (6ml)

If you in a rush, you may try Petitfree Koelf Deep Scalp Purifying swab. The swab has the same result as Piolang CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Treatment. No rinse is required and it safe to use on our scalp. Koelf Deep Scalp Purifying swab contains natural ingredients such as Rosemary oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, orange oil and Eucalyptus oil.

How to use?

Gently rub the entire scalp using the cotton swab that contains essence. It helps to removes scalp debris, prevent scalp odor and sooth the irritated scalp.

Personal Review: The swab is easy to apply and You can see the result immediately. The Swab removes the unpleasant smell of your scalp and removes the

Real Skin The Healthy Protein Hair Ampoule (Black Bean)

Beside choosing the right shampoo and conditioner, apply hair ampoule is important. The hair ampoule not only provides nutrient to our hair but the end result is to keep our hair smooth and silky. In this Raunzel's Secret Hair box, I get to test two different brand of hair ampoule. The healthy protein hair ampoule come in syringe type. And it contains black bean that leave my hair healthy and shinning. The healthy protein hair ampoule suitable for all type of hair including oily hair.

How to use?

For a short hair, it is recommend to use 1/2 syringe. Apply the hair ampoule after shampooing. Leave it for 10 minutes before rinse it off with water.

Personal Review: My hair easier to maintain after using the hair ampoule. I love the natural scent of the black bean.

Piolang CP-1 Premium Silk Ampoule (20ml)

This ampoule come in a small tiub and it suitable to treat damage and dry hair. The CP-1 Premium Silk Ampoule contains 6 premium ingredients that need by our hair such as Hydrolyzed Silk, Quinoa seed extract, Amino Acid complex, 6 type of vegetable oils, Low-molecular protein and 5 free safe ingredients.

How to use? 

Apply sufficient amount of the ampoule on the end of damage hairs before or after using hair dryer. You can apply anytime whenever you hair feel dry. This is a leave on hair ampoule.

Rapunzel's Secret Hair Box is a complete set of hair products that you would love to consider when you did your shopping from Althea Malaysia. Get 10 of this items for only RM 99 at Althea Malaysia. This is the link to place your order:

Every months Althea will add in new and limited edition beauty box with affordable prices. All the products come with actual size and is really value for money. Of course the products is genuine as Althea ship it all the way from Korea. Check out the latest Althea Box at . Official Website

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