A:Concept - Create Your Own Beauty Story

November 26, 2017

Makeup has created different chapter in women life and it boost up the self confidence. And makeup create a magical to your looks. The first basic thing that you need to have is  owning your favorite makeup tools. Let's have fun with A: Concept that I got it from Althea.kr

Discover the art of A:Concept - Make Your Concept Black set. Take a look at this funky and colurful packaging. The box content All In One Brightening Cushion, All In One Brightening Cushion Refill, Everything In A: Coral Lip & Cheek and A: red orange lipstick.

Why know create my own beauty using this A:Concept - Make Your Concept Black set?

All In One Brightening Cushion

This cushion compact is every women favorite. A simple compact cushion that deliver a well effect to my skin. Beside gives a good coverage to my pores, it also provide moisture that needed by my skin. Awww. I love the blurring effect and it does contain SPF 35 PA++ . Plus it has brightening effect.

come with two different shades that definitely blend well with my skin tone. I currently using #21 Light Beige. Simple tips: when apply compact cushion, always press down lightly and buff in circular motions with sponge to minimize the appearance of pores.

Small and light design. Alright I am done with my foundation. Love the smooth coverage.

Everything In A: Coral Lip & Cheek

Everything In A: Coral Lip & Cheek create light and sharp color on both of my cheek. Why is so unique about this product? A 2 in 1 product can been used on cheek and also lip. Save my makeup pouch space as Everything In A: Coral Lip & Cheek is the only product that I need.

Once done, just insert a lip & cheek product into the #A Cushion Compact that has unique logo of A: CONCEPT on simple chic black case. Love it, right?

A: Red Orange Lipstick

I love the smooth point of the lipstick and the shade is striking. It match my fair skin tone. Long lasting color that stay on my lip. The most important, the lipstick easy to carry.

Shop with Althea and grab the limited edition A: Concept : http://my.althea.kr/make-your-concept-black-set . Enjoy the great deal offer by Althea and 100% authentic products from Korea. Althea is the best online platform that satisfied my beauty haul.

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