A Smile That Brighten Your Day With IBKEEO Mouthwash

November 14, 2017

Do you know smile everyday actually can boost our confidence level? Always remind yourself to smile everyday the moment you wake up early in the morning.

But what make certain people don't like to smile? Due to bad breath or you don't have a nice teeth. Why not pick up IBKEEO wash mouth and gain back your smile? Have you heard of IBKEEO wash mouth?

IBKEEO is Korea premium mouth wash whereby it contains natural extract from ginseng, white peony, tea tree and licorice. And IBKEEO mouthwash is approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia and Authorized by Korea’s KFDA ISO- 22716 (Safety and Health Division). 

The mouthwash helps to remove dental stains within 30 seconds with visible results. The best part you will notice the visible of remaining protein or food been remove from your mouth. Simple step by pouring sufficient amount of mouth wash and gaggle for 1 minute. 

I feel creepy when saw this stains been removed from my teeth. Sometime bad breath is cause by food and debris that caught between our teeth. Indirectly it will result of an infection, decaying teeth and other health conditions. I love the taste of the mouthwash as I can smell the ginseng taste and I can feel the mild sensation. This premium mouth wash does not contains alcohol. 

The Functions of Using IBKEEO Mouthwash:-

✔ Removes dental plaque
✔ Reduces gum diseases

✔ Prevents bad breath
✔ Removes dental stains
✔ Tooth whitening
✔ Fresh breath
✔ Great oral hygiene
✔ Clean teeth
✔ Kill 99.9% bacteria in 30 seconds.

As you can see the premium ingredients that use in the mouthwash, bring a lot of benefit to our teeth. The Premium ginseng extract is rich with antioxidants elements to prevent tooth decay. While Tea Tree extract can help to removes protein leftover and bad breath. And white peony is active antibacterial ingredients that help preventing the growth of oral bacteria. Last but not least, Licorice which is activates saliva glands, prevent dry mouth and enhance our oral hygiene. Sound a good mouthwash that worth to invest in right?

For more information, please feel free to explore IBKEEO Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ibkeeo.official/ . You may purchase IBKEEO mouthwash at Lazada Malaysia or 11street. 

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