Nutox Stay Young, The Secret Of Young Complexion

October 14, 2017

Moving another stage of age is one of my biggest challenge. Growing together with the fine lines is a painful part. You can't even stop the clock from ticking or back to teenage time. But with Nutox Stay Young, you gain your youthfulness back. Transform your skin into sheer, young and radiant skin.

Spoil your skin with the best skincare regimen from Nutox Stay Young. Checkout the new skincare regime from Nutox Stay Young. Restore, Renew and Radiate your skin with Nutox.

Nutox Renewing Treatment Lotion (150ml)

I love the light and nourishing lotion. This amazing lotion is to prepare my skin and allow the full benefit of Nutox Renewing Essence and Nutox Renewing Treatment Cream. Easy to apply on the face and it absorb well into the skin.

Step of usage
After cleansing, dispense the lotion onto your palm. Pat the lotion all over your face and neck.  I usually apply on the several cotton pad and leave it on my face in order for the skin to absorb better nutrient. 

Nutox Renewing Treatment Essence (30ml)

Love the silky and smooth touch of my skin. This milky essence formulated with Nutox's propriety LumiNes technology. I see a visible change in my complexion whereby my skin more brighter and glowing. Say goodbye to stubborn pigmentation.

Step Of Usage
Apply Nutox Renewing Treatment Essence after the lotion. Slowly massage around your face and neck. For the best result, massage the essence upward so it can locked the elasticity of your skin. My skin more firm and elastic.

Nutox Renewing Treatment Cream (30ml)

The key of younger skin is choosing the right skincare. Nutox Renewing Treatment Cream formulated with LumiNes whereby the cream penetrate deep into my skin. Leave my skin more energize and glowing. I love the light cream and non-sticky texture.

Step of Usage
Massage a pea-sized amount into skin using circular upwards motions until fully-absorbed.

Overall, I love the transformation of my skin. Within 3 weeks of usage, I can see my skin elasticity improve and my skin more brighter. Share with you my result. Nutox Stay Young always my favourite skincare regime. 

Let's hear the experience from both Nutox ambassador.

Nutox ambassador and Hong Kong actress Nancy Wu also shared her love for the new Renewing Treatment skincare range. “I’m currently shooting a new television series, Deep in the Realm of Conscience, so I need to make sure I look good all the time in front of the camera. Dullness translates very obviously on camera, but I really don’t want to hide my skin behind layers of thick makeup. I’m so glad that Nutox has introduced the Renewing Treatment range. I especially love the Renewing Treatment Cream, which has made a big difference on my complexion. It glows naturally and looks well-rested, as if I had a wonderful night’s sleep. Even with my active lifestyle, I don’t have to worry about my skin looking lacklustre anymore!”

Nur Fazura, Nutox ambassador and Malaysian actress, expressed the importance of protecting her skin from external aggressions. “I’m often outdoors on location for shoots, wearing layers of makeup underneath the hot sun. Because of stress and lack of rest, my skin gets dull and looks tired easily. That’s why I fell in love with Nutox Renewing Treatment skincare instantly. Since I started using it, I need less makeup, especially on my off days. The Renewing Treatment Lotion helps to get rid of any leftover makeup and grime from the day’s work, and makes my skin so smooth and soft! My favourite product is the Renewing Treatment Essence, which protects my skin from dullness,” said Fazura.

Nutox Stay Young is available at Malaysia Pharmacies nationwide. Stay Young with Nutox. 

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