Neubodi - Every Women Deserves The Right Bra

October 26, 2017

What is the right way to wear a bra? Do you choose the right bra? Neubodi is founded in 2008 and they provide the right fit of beauty and confidence to every women. Check out on how Neubodi inspire women with their beautiful bra. With the latest technologies, Neubodi has created a high quality of intimate apparels that come with the right size, cup and style that fit well for all women. 

Do you aware whether you wearing the right bra? A number of women did not realize that they have worn the wrong size of bra. Do your breast overflow your cups? or do you feel comfortable with your current bra? Wearing an wrong size of bra makes your breasts look saggy and flowing. Breasts are an integral part of any woman’s beauty. Thus, it is important that you wear the right bra size.

“Every Woman Deserves the Right Bra” conveys the philosophy and passion behind the creation of the Neubodi brand. To us, design starts with the desire to allow every woman to afford a beautiful, high quality quality without having to compromise for fit. We devote 100% to ensure our collections are made from high quality materials and superior craftsmanship. This is why every piece of Neubodi bra requires a far greater proportion of manual work - from crafting, cutting, stitching, testing to fitting, each bra goes through at least 45 stages of assembly with over 60 different parts of materials to create the impeccable fit.” --- Anne Tan, Managing Director & Founder of Neubodi.

How does Neubodi create a wonderful piece of intimate  apparel? All Neubodi collections are hand cut and hand sewn. We undertake extensive research and design efforts to implement a three dimensional (3D) way of sculpting, cutting and hand-tailoring every piece to meet the demands of different women with varying breasts size and body shape. Neubodi designer also paid attention to the smaller detail and every new design will be tested on a group of women which represent Neubodi actual customers. For your information, Neubodi is the first ever Bra Fitting Specialist in Malaysia whereby they provide customers with professional fitting experience.

On top of statistical measurements, Neubodi practices a holistic fitting method whereby an impeccable fitting technique using the ears, eyes and touch. This means that in addition to listening to customers’ personal preferences and expectations, Neubodi specialist would also identify their height, built and posture, hence using a unique hand measuring technique to help them find the right bra that is best suited to their shape. First of all, use one finger to adjust/ fix the length of the bra. Lean forward and with your right hand, cross your chest and bring the left breast tissue into the left bra. this is to ensure it fit well the bra cup size. Repeat the same on the opposite size.

All Neubodi stores provide a pleasant, inviting ambience to ensure that every customer feels at home while being personally fitted by our bra-fitting professionals. From lightings to furniture arrangement, we have placed a great attention to detail to enhance an intimate customer experience.

·       Mid Valley Megamall
·       One Utama Shopping Centre
·       Bangsar Village II
·       Encorp Strand (High Street)
·       Empire Shopping Gallery
·       Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Mall
·       Imago Shopping Mall
·       Vivacity Shopping Mall
·       Suria Sabah Mall

“Neubodi was awarded with the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand award in May 2011 -- marking a testament in being a distinguished brassiere label for everyday comfort.”

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