ENCHANTEUR Perfume Lotion- Irrestible Soft Touch All Day Long

October 24, 2017

Looking attractive and confidence in front of public is not an easier thing to do.  Thanks to ENCHANTEUR, I love the smoothness of my skin. ENCHANTEUR Perfume Lotion is one of my favorite body lotion. ENCHANTEUR is inspired by French Fragrance that receive an impressive feedback from women in Malaysia. 

I love the currently packaging of ENCHANTEUR Perfume Lotion. Come in pink and romantic box that content ENCHANTEUR Perfume Lotion Charming, ENCHANTEUR Perfume Lotion Romantic and pink water bottle. 

ENCHANTEUR Perfume Lotion Charming

I love the light and milky cream lotion. While the scent is not too strong and it absorbs easily into my skin.  Non sticky lotion and it keeps my skin moisture within 24 hours. If you love fragrance type of lotion, you will definitely love this lotion. 

ENCHANTEUR Perfume Lotion Romantic

Yes, a creamy texture but non greasy type. Love the floral and feminine scent. Keep my dry skin stay moisture within 24 hours. Apply daily for delightfully soft, supple and silky smooth skin.

Overall, I love the feminine scent of the perfume lotion. My skin moisture and soft all day long. Will I purchase the Perfume Lotion? Yes, I am a big fans of ENCHANTEUR products. 

For more information, please refer to ENCHANTEUR official Facebook https://www.facebook.com/EnchanteurMY/

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