Bbo Song Beauty Box From Althea - Want The Secret to Baby Beautiful Skin?

October 14, 2017

Who say ugly women cannot turn into swan? With Bbo Song Beauty box from Althea, everything is possible. Bbo Song in Korean means smooth skin. Are you getting excited as you will be the next pretty baby to be. Check out the unboxing Bbo Song that I receive recently.

Bbo Song contains 6 full sized products that help you to achieve smooth and silky look. This is every women dream to owe this Bbo Song Beauty box.

W.Lab Sebum-out Oil Control Mist

This is my first time try on W.Lab sebum-out oil control mist. It absorb oil effectively and mattifying my skin. This is the best go-to mist products that leave my face fresh and free from shine. I can feel the cooling effect on my skin as it contains peppermint. Welcome " Zero Shine". My favorite item. 

How to use?

Hold this product 8 - 10 inch from your face. Spray evenly on your face and it dry out easily. I use the oil control mist before and after mist.

Innisfree No Sebum Powder Cream

This is the No sebum powder cream every lady been talking about. Innisfree No Sebum Powder Cream has multiple use as I can treat it as moisturizer or even sebum controller or primer. Soft and rich texture.

How to Use?

As a moisturizer or Sebum controller - My T-zone area is the most oily part. I apply a thin layer on my T-zone area. Absorbs excessive sebum and at the same time reduce sebum secretion.

As a primer - When come to make up part, I will apply a thin layer over my face. The cream cover my pores effectively.

Nakeup Face Coverking Powder Cushion in #22

Imagine your skin turn into soft and silky like a baby skin. Love the rose gold casing that feature feminine look. The cushion gives my skin a matte look with a perfect coverage. Is also control sebum production and mattifies the complexion.

Petitfee Hate U, Red Spot Sulfur Powder

This is a star product that work in double action. Upper layer is the liquid layer while the low layer is powder layer that help to calm the irritated skin and provide full coverage. Cover my red spot perfectly and the shade match my color tone.

How to use?

Shake well before use it. Dot on the red spot or acne using the applicator. Use the finger to blend until it match the skin tone. 

Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake

Hate my messy eyebrow but with Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake, it resolve my problem. Infuse with real cocoa powder that draw a perfect and natural-looking eyebrows. Beside draw a perfect eyebrow, I apply as eyeshadow as I love the grey khaki black. 

The Saem Saemmul Single Blusher

Bubble gum pink is my favorite color as it gives a soft and feminine look. The blusher made from a fine powder that give a natural looking when apply on it. 

Do you love this Bbo Song Beauty Box? I got it from Althea Korea. Althea is the leading KBeauty site with over 150 Korean beauty brands on board. Why choose Althea Beauty Box?

  • Limited Edition Beauty Box that special handpicked.
  • Receive Full Size Products
  • A trendy box that feature hot items
  • Affordable price with free shipping on orders over RM99
  • No subscription and free to purchase anytime.

Click here   to place your order before it been sold out. Miracle start by choosing Bbo Song Beauty product. More information regarding Althea Korea, feel free to browse their website 


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