The Best Expo in Malaysia: HPNNK 2017 : Hari Peladang & Malaysia Food Festival @ MAEPS, Serdang

September 29, 2017

Exploring the beauty of agriculture in Malaysia at Hari Peladang, Penternak & Nelayan Kebangsaan or well known as HPNNK at MAEPS, Serdang. At the same time treasure the traditional food that come from the farm and ocean in Malaysia. 

Special highlight: A must go expo for this year as HPNNK features different type of booths and Malaysia Food Festival 2017 (MFF2017) is a new add on program. Let's walk through the journey together with me. Although HPNNK 2017 is not as big as MAHA 2016 but to me the booth arrangement is strategic and easier to explore. All the promotion and selling booth places at Hall A, B, C and D. One of the biggest agricultural and food festival in Malaysia whereby they have 600 booths that built on the greenery land (80,000 meter per square feet) #miniMAHA .

I was impressed with the booth arrangement in Hall A as they categories the booth by state. Basically in Hall A, you will get more information regarding farming, fishery and livestock. And the best part, some of the booth provide free testing. I not manage to explore all the booth due to time consumption but definitely I will come back tomorrow.  I am proud with our local farmer as they produce high quality fruits, vegetables or even flowers. 50 booths has allocate to them in Hall A.

Fresh food and Vegetable that plant by our local farmers

Big and juicy Pineapple from Sarawak

The sweet corn has been dried and turned into dry corn. This dry corn is use to feed the animal.
If you drop by Hall A, don't forget to drop by " Lembaga Perikanan Malaysia" booth. We came on the right timing as chef demonstrate cooking using Pacific West products. I get to try their famous Kuro Prawn and Fish Churros. Which one is my favorite?  I will say, both of the dishes has their own uniqueness. 

Kuro Prawn

Fish Churro
When come to Pavilion Negeri Sembilan, don't forget to drop by Jus Bob Nanas. Take a sip of their pineapple juice to quench your thirst. Love the fresh and pure pineapple juice. No preservative or added coloring on the Pineapple Juice. Thanks to the owner for the yum..yum.. pineapple juice.

Seafood lover, you will definitely love to grab fresh and juicy seafood at HPNNK.  And don't miss the opportunity to try the Tuna Satay. Awesome taste and this is my first time try Tuna Satay. Highly recommend for their Tuna Satay and tuna itself contains high protein. 

Tender and soft Tuna meat. A perfect Tuna Satay
If you have time to explore the Orchid garden, why not take a tour and enjoy the beauty of Orchid.

With the theme " Bringing Technology to Farmers", visitors can experience or witness themselves the latest technology that using in agricultural. From a traditional plantation, they turned it into a nice packaging by using good quality of technology.

Get a better understanding, how to purchase online using AgroBazaar Online. AgroBazaar Online is a platform whereby supplier, vendor and even user can market or buying local products in AgroBazaar.

After finish with Hall A, we go venture the Petting Zoo. I am so excited when saw this lovely animals. Can't stop catching the nice shot of this animal. The most unique part, you get to see colorful chicken.

What is Malaysia famous fruits? Of course Durian, the king of fruits. Thanks to the organizer, we get to taste the delicious D24 Durian. This the best D24 Durian I have ever taste. Visitors also can enjoy tasty Durian, fresh coconut drinks and etc.

My leg start to give me some warning signal and the expo is so huge. I not manage to visit each booth. Is time to sit down and enjoy delicious local food. Drop by the food empire whereby more than food stall and food struck serve 401 menu of foods. I can't decide what to eat as every single foods are delicious. The moment you enter the food empire, you can smell the nice aroma of the food. Let's hunt for some hidden gems.


Fried Prawn

Sarawak Laksa & Kolok Mee

Fried Squid

Ginger Fried Chicken & Squid. Sooth my throat with Ice Lemon Tea

Don't miss the opportunity as HPNNK 2017: Hari Peladang & Malaysia Food Festival only happen from 28th September until 1st October 2017. No worries about the parking as there are 5400 parking space at MAEPS, Serdang. More information regarding HPNNK and MFF 2017, kindly visit their official website.




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