Launching of 388 Eggmonium Campaign at Avenue K in conjuction with World Egg Day

September 12, 2017

Avenue K proud to present to you the pandemonium of eggs in conjunction with the 2017 World Egg Day.  Featuring creative 388 egg sculptures nestling at Ground Floor Atrium at Avenue K as well as other prominent and unique locations around Avenue K. During the launching of 388 Eggmonium is aimed to highlight the benefits and value of consume eggs that contain high quality source of protein.

Amazing experience to shoppers that visiting Avenue K whereby they get to enjoy the egg installation at Avenue K for 3 weeks started from 7 September to 1st October 2017. More fun activities will be showcase at Avenue K such as Premia Eggs Showcase and daily egg tasting, exceptional cooking, baking and food art workshops, this campaign celebrate the beauty, nutritional value and many different aspects of eggs. There will be a cooking demonstration by chefs from Premia, Sugarcraft Baking and Culinary Academy.

And this creative eggs sculpture that you going to see were individually designed and painted by students from the Art and Design schools including Saito University College,  Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA), Linton University College, Raffles College, and Dasein Academy of Art, the Avenue K management team, tenants , artist and invited media friends.

While shoppers get to adopt the 1ft or 3ft egg sculptures from the "388 Eggmonium" display and bring it home for a good cause at the starting price of RM 30. A series of 1ft limited edition egg that specially design by popular graffiti artist Kenji Chai also available for adoption through an auction. Start online bidding at Kenji's Facebook: Kenjichai and also his Instagram: @Mr_Kenjichai. Below video is Kenji's creation and I salute his artworks. 

All the proceeds generate by the auction will be channeled to Charity Right Malaysia to aid their ' Fee to Educate' programme which aims to reach those in the most neglected parts of the world who suffer from hunger, to provide them with nourishing meals and to give them a chance to live normally. Charity Right Malaysia believes that the best way to help needy people is to use food o encourage them to attend schools/center of learning. Village Grocer will also be sponsoring RM 5,000 worth of shopping voucher as part of their support to Charity Right Malaysia.

Exclusive for the shoppers on the weekend as they get to redeem limited 1ft egg sculpture at Information Counter, Ground Floor with minimum spending of RM388 (RM300 for AK Neighbours Card member) in a maximum of 2 combine receipts at any AK stores on the same day.

Ms Phang Sze Sze, Deputy General Manager of Avenue K mentions, " In conjunction with the World Egg Day, we hope to encourage as many people as possible to recognize the healthy role eggs can play in human diets and how it can make a huge difference in the lives of people throughout the world. We invite shoppers to learn more about the versatility of eggs and the countless recipes one could make with eggs through our "388 Eggmonium" campaign ".

Avenue K also will be hosting several workshops and cooking demonstrations at the Ground Floor Atrium for families and kids aged between 4 to 12 years old. Workshops include egg sculpture crafting, egg painting, baking and food decorating as well as recipe sharing and demonstration by culinary arts students.

In partnership with Premia, the premium Astaxanthin Eggs brand will be showcasing premium eggs at the Main Entrance with cooking workshops on weekends and daily free premium Astaxanthin Eggs tasting. Throughout the campaign, the premium Astaxanthin eggs are available for purchase.

On 8 September at 10am, Chef Zubir, a renowned chef famous for his TV appearances including Masterchef Malaysia, Young Professional Chef and Akademi 1001 Rasa, also the proud owner of 6 Western Grill Restaurants, will be making a special appearance to present some delightful egg-based dishes.

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