Feel Refresh All The Time With Nivea Protect & Care Deodorant

September 24, 2017

Due to humid environment , I tend to sweat and this make me feel uncomfortable. Thanks to Nivea for offers long-lasting protection of up to 48 hours and at the same time, the innovative and skin friendly formula gently cares for my skin, keeping my skin fresh all day.

Underarms skin actually is delicate area and it is important to take good care our underarms area. Do you know plucking hairs actually will damage the hair follicles? This will lead to ingrown hairs and enlarged pores. Hence, women tend to choose shaving but the pressure of the blade on uneven underarm skin can lead small cuts. In addition, debris removed during shaving may contain up to 36% of skin.

Nivea has developed Protect & Care, a deodorant that enriched with the essence of Nivea Crème, capturing the brand's heritage of quality beauty creams with its distinctive care ingredients and delicate scent. As mention at above statement, Nivea Protect & Care deodorants give a protection of up to 48 hours and at the same time your underarms feel smooth and gentle. 

Nivea Protect & Care Spray Bottle (150ml)

Love the light and nice scent that release from the nozzle when I spray on my underarm. Non sticky and easily dry off. It gives me a long-lasting protection within 48 hours. And it does not leave any yellow stain on my shirt. 

I like Nivea Protect & Care Spray Bottle design as the bottle is create for better grip. While you can lock the nozzle after spray to prevent leakage. Nivea Protect & Care Spray Bottle is price at RM17.50 ( West & East Malaysia)

Nivea Protect & Care Roll On (50ml)

Small packaging and easy to carry with me. Contain Nivea crème ingredients that help to nourish my underarm. Roll on to keep your underarm dry and smell nice all day long. One bottle can last for 2 months. Nivea Protect & Care Roll On is priced at RM 11.30.

Nivea Protect & Care is also available at all leading stores and pharmacies nationwide. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/mynivea to find out more about NIVEA products.

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