Attractive Taiwanese Style Mooncake by Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking @Bandar Puteri, Puchong

September 11, 2017

Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking is founded in 1989 at Taiwan. Now Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking has become Malaysian favorite café.  We will be celebrating Mid Autumn in this coming month and has become  a festival to Chinese. It is a heart-warming occasion that brings family and loved ones together for a time of bonding while admiring the bright full moon and enjoying decadent mooncakes and tea.

This year Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking unveil collection of Taiwanese style mooncake that come in different flavor. This Taiwanese style mooncake is price at RM58.50 for nice pieces.  Two new flavors is added in to their mooncakes collection.
  • Sweet Potato Yolk
  • White Lotus Yolk
  • Red Bean Yolk
  • Matcha Yolk
  • Red Bean Mochi Yolk
  • Mung Bean Fried Onion
  • Taro Yolk

Every of the mooncakes are crafted intricately whereby the mooncake skin is soft. It retains the natural taste of the mooncakes and the size of the mooncake is just nice to share between two person. Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking mooncake has low sugar series and suitable for those that concern about health. 

Taro Yolk

Taro Yolk has won my heart as the crust is soft and rich, bright salted egg yolk that ooze with savouriness.

Matcha Yolk

Their Matcha yolk has successful won the hearts of mooncake lovers as the nice and balance taste of their Matcha crust. Filled with bright salted egg yolk. Love the nice aroma of the pure green tea mooncake.

Red Bean Mochi Yolk

Feathery a mooncake that enveloping with pure red bean, mocha and bright salted egg yolk . This classic flavor definitely become everyone favorite.

These dazzling mooncake are available at all Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking outlets start from 11 September 2017. If you prefer to make a trip down, don't forget to grab your favourite mooncake at Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking. For more information, you can visit or follow them on Facebook

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