A Scrumptious Dining Experience at Signature At The Roof, Petaling Jaya

September 14, 2017

How about dining at the most impressive restaurant with the best view of Petaling Jaya? Bring to you Signature at The Roof that nestled at Persiaran Bandar Utama, PJ. A romantic environment that infuse with classic and garden setting whereby the environment suit for candle light dinner, private meet up and chill out with your bestie. 

Signature at The Roof offers extensive menu full of delicacies as it combining exotic cuisine. Cut it short in the talking,  why not we stalk in their menu.

Chili Clams (RM24)

Kick start our dinner with aromatic chili clams as a starter. Love the fresh and big clam and the portion is generous. The soup base is tasty but a bit spicy for me as I can't tolerate with spicy food. For those that love spicy food, this spiciness level suit your taste.

Forest Mushroom Salad (RM23)

If you prefer a healthy and non oily food, Forest Mushroom Salad will suit your taste. I always love greenish salad and a plus when the chef mixed it with fried oyster mushroom, button mushroom, cherry tomatoes and some healthy crackers. Satisfied with their food presentation and the salad looks so tempting.

Potato Salad Roll (RM22)

A very detail in preparing the potato roll whereby the potato salad been wrapped using  a fine slice of zucchini. Crispy from the outside and soft ingredients from the inside.

Nasi Lemak Tower (RM25)

Nasi Lemak is too common food for us. But the chef gives it a twist to this classic Malaysian dish. Nasi Lemak Tower infused with tender mutton meat. And it served with chicken rendang.

Flying Pasta (RM36)

Does magic happen in this world? You can't denied the flying pasta is an eye catchy and I was impressed with the food presentation. The pasta texture is so soft and smooth and the pasta is prepare in spicy Roma tomato sauce. And garnish with Tandoori Chicken. Their tandoori chicken is something unique as the chicken is marinated with special tandoori spices. 

Lychee Cheese Tart (RM20)

Calling for sweet tooth lover as you will definitely falling love with their lychee cheese tart. Tender and moist tart topped with sweet and fresh lychee. It melt easily in your mouth the moment you take a bite on it. Yum..yumm...

Impressive dining experience at Signature at The Roof. Check out their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Signature.TheRoof/ for the latest promotion/offer.

Signature at The Roof
Sky Level,
1 First Avenue Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya

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