Watsons Brand Switch & Save Shopping Spree With Fasha Sandha @ Watsons MyTown

August 02, 2017

I am Watsons Malaysia loyalty customer since 2011. The reason for choosing Watsons Brand: Affordable price, high-quality and value for money. Watsons Malaysia recently treated 10 Watson VIP member to a sixty seconds shopping spree with Watsons Celebrity Friend, Fasha Sandha, following its " Switch and Save" campaign.

The " Switch and Save" shopping spree winners were selected in an Instagram contest campaign and the participants have to post their photo on Instagram and share their reasons for their switch to the Watsons brand, hashtagging #myswitchandsave and #watsonsmalaysia. The ten lucky winners were treated to a 60 seconds shopping spree at Watsons My Town Shopping Centre. Fasha Sandha also joins the fun with the ten winners. In a mad rush, they can grab as many Watsons brand products as they can within the time frame.

With a wide range and variety of products, the Watsons brand range provides its customers with the choice to save as much without compromising on quality. Caryn Loh added that each Watsons brand products go through an extensive research and development programme with a stringent quality process. An 18-month quality control test is conducted throughout the production process, to ensure that Watsons customers receive nothing but the best and creating safe and effective products meeting the needs of its valued customers.

"It has truly been a fun and engaging experience witnessing the shopping spree with the contest winners, at a time where we celebrate the Raya festivities. What a wonderful way of giving back to its valued customers in showing their support to the Watsons brand products" expressed award-winning actress, Fasha Sandha.  Added on to her speak, " Witha hectic lifestyle of being an actress, a mother and an entrepreneur, I ensure that I give myself and my family the best when it comes to personal care items and I'm happy to say that Watsons brand products do provide this satisfaction to my family. It covers a wide range of personal care, beauty essentials and healthcare items which cater to the needs of my family," expressed Fasha Sandha.

The Switch and Save campaign with Watsons brand is ongoing at Watsons Malaysia to ensure VIP members and customers receive the best quality of products at affordable prices. For more information of in-store and online promotions, visit www.watsons.com.my/switchandsave.

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