Healthy Make- Ahead Condiments That Will Keep You Satisfied Only By Kravve

August 03, 2017

Reach for a healthy homemade condiment and fuel your day with delicious and nutritious nibbles. Kravve is a one-stop platform for a healthy premium-quality homemade condiment. Customers can choose more than hundred of choice condiments and snacks.

The reason for choosing homemade condiments and snacks
  • Natural and premium quality ingredients 
  • No preservative and addictive 
  • Homemade by people and not machine
  • Free delivery to doorstep
Thank you to Kravve as I found a perfect tune to my dish using dehydrated chicken stock powder. The dehydrated chicken stock powder is a blend of flavours comes from Kampung chicken breast, Australian carrots and Australian celery. These ingredients cooked on the stove until a soft paste is formed and then blended into powder after 12 hours of dehydration.

Dehydrated Chicken Stock Powder is also suitable and safe to consume by pregnant mother and children from 6-12 months. Simple preparation as I just add a pinch of the chicken stock on my cooked food. 

Ensure your family get the best food by preparing it using healthy ingredients that you only can get from Kravve. Kravve offer variety of homemade condiments and snack with reasonable price.

Now you can enjoy RM5 discount when you purchase at Kravve. Just key in my discount code "BettyLiew". Purchase can be done by click on this link:

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