Food Review: Juiceee Malaysia Is The Best Juice For Your Health

August 08, 2017

Juiceee Malaysia is centered on a balance between nutrition and fresh flavor. They offer top quality nutrition and fresh flavor healthy juice that need daily by our body. Juiceee is Malaysia's own home grown juice brand that established since 2014.

Meet Ryan in person, the founder of Juiceee Malaysia. According to Ryan, "With Juiceee drink, every customer can enjoy and experience the natural and healthy taste at any time. Every healthy treat is served to meet every taste bud where every walk of life can enjoy and savor the refreshing taste of Juiceee drink." 

I personally love how Ryan brings healthy concept into Malaysia and Juiceee brand focus in creating fresh juices made from natural fruits with 100% juice and low-fat yogurt ice-cream. The brand continues to live by the 3E motivation, of EXQUISITE, EXCLUSIVE and ENVIRONMENT. The 3E well say and it match Juiceee tagline "Good Health for All". Good news as Juiceee launch a new flavors that add into their current menu.

Banana is a powerful dietary source of potassium and is good for your digestion. Do you know banana can improve your mood? If you wish to detox your body, Banana juice is the best solution for it.

A sip of papaya juice that go down smoothly into my throat and give unforgettable moment. Love the pure taste of the papaya juice and is creamy too. Papaya juice is high in fiber and water content.

Jack fruit juice personal has a strong taste if compare to other fruit juice. Jack fruit is a true super-fruit as it is packed with Vitamin B, Vitamin C, magnesium, protein and potassium. This is the juice that I need for my daily diet.

Pure  and dulce taste of the honeydew give a refreshing moment. A balance mixture of honeydew and low fat milk. Kick start your day with simple yet nourishing honeydew juice.

The mango juice is not too sweet while the texture is creamy and thicker. A refreshing juice to quench your thirst. 

Juiceee Malaysia do serve healthy sandwich that you might want to grab for your breakfast/ lunch or even dinner. You can expect the freshness of the ingredients in the sandwich and is value for money.

This is current outlet for Juiceee Malaysia. Looking forward for the upcoming Juiceee stores. A healthy life start with Juiceee Malaysia.



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