Review: Start A Healthy Day With Nutribrown Rice

July 30, 2017

Start a happy morning with a cup of Nutribrown Rice drink. Brown rice is the world healthiest food as it provide enough whole grains to our body. Do you know that 96% of adults & children over 12 are not consuming enough whole-grains?

 Let’s check out the benefit of consuming brown rice from Nutribrown Rice.

* Antioxidants

Brown Rice contains antioxidants function as it helps in skin firming, reduce wrinkles and repair scars.

*Low GI Food

Brown Rice helps to reduce insulin spikes. It slowly releases energy to keep our body active and energetic.

*Lower Blood Cholesterol

Brown rice is 100% grains as the outer hull been removed. Each gain comes with side hull and bran that offers excellent nutrition. Regular consumption of brown rice reduces the build-up of arterial plaque.

*Help in Digestive system

Having constipation? No worries as brown rice helps keep your bowel movement regularly.Help to Control Weight.The creamy texture as you will feel full easily. Due to this, you will tend to eat lesser. Indirectly brown rice help to control your weight in healthy way.

This is my first time consume Nutribrown Rice and I found the texture smoother and thicker. Simple preparation as it come in a sachet. One box of Nutribrown Rice contains 8 sachets. 1 sachet can serve up to 1 cup of brown rice whereby your body absorb 42% of daily whole grain. I take it during breakfast and tea time and the brown rice taste nice.

Why I choose Nutribrown Rice?
  • Easy to consume as it comes with different flavor
  • Instant beverage whereby it save my time in preparation
  • Drinking brown rice will keep my stomach full
  • Boost my immune system and keep me healthy

Even brown rice are safe to consume by pregnant moms, elderly and growing kids. Nutribrown Rice only use freshly harvested brown rice whereby it also contains natural green chlorophyll. NutriBbrown is available in 5 flavors. Watch below video to get a clear pictures regarding Nutribrown Rice.

Nutribrown Rice is available at selected supermarket likes Aeon, Cold Storage, Popular Bookstore, Sam's Groceria or Giant Hypermarkets. For more information regarding NutriBrown Rice, feel free to browse their website:


~ A Healthy Family Start With NutriBrown Rice ~

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