Review: G9 Skin White In Whipping Cream

July 30, 2017

Annyeong everyone.  I back with another skincare products from Korea.  Love the pink and cute packaging as you never thought is a skin care products. Playing around with the Whipping Cream, they designed it likes a milk carton.

For your information,  G9 Whipping Cream is a tone-cream that provides whitening function and the whitening ingredients are certified. Enjoy the snowing complexion and you can feel the softness of your skin.

Besides whitening effect,  the water-drop formulation has a high moisturising effect that keeps my skin hydrated all the time even I on makeup for long hours.  Contains Trehafod " Dessert Cactus' that provide moisture to my skin.  At the same time, it helps to soothe irritated skin as it contains Centella Asiatica extract.  In long term usage,  the pores become smaller.

Say goodbye to wrinkle as it has anti wrinkles effect.  Adenosine is certified anti-wrinkles ingredients. And the most important, G9 Skin White in Whipping Cream No Paraben and No Phenoxyethanol

The texture is soft like a dairy milk as it absorbs easily into the skin. When applying on the skin, you will find a white patch and it can be a hard to spread evenly. But the cream absorbs quickly into the skin and gives an even finish.  

When you massage gently over the face, the cream form a tiny water droplet. I did not feel sticky or greasy feeling when applying on my face.

How to use G9 Shin White in Whipping Cream?


Use it own or before applying makeup to even out the skin tone. 


The cream functioning as whitening, anti-wrinkles and moisturizing all-in-one cream to finish up my skincare routine. Wake up in the morning with refresh and glowing skin. 

Feel the power of 9 ingredients from G9 Skin

Recommended for these customers

  • If you want naturally perfect skin!
  • If you look tired even on well-rested days due to your dull skin tone. 
  • NO waiting! If you want long-term whitening care and immediate tone-up effect
  • If your skin suffers in drought from lack of moisture year-round
  • If you want anti-wrinkle and whitening effect in one product
  • If you want a smooth, well-absorbing cream

Overall, this G9 Skin White in Whipping Cream is the best whitening products for my sensitive skin. It does not dry out my skin. Will I consider this product in future? The answer is Yes. You can purchase G9 Skin White In Whipping Cream at



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