iVideo Pocket WiFi, The Best Companion When Travelling Alone

July 26, 2017

By nature, we usually will turn off our phone data when we travelling. Roaming using our phone will end up paying a huge amount when the phone bill arrive at home. Turning off your mobile data, mean you are depending on the free WiFi. This is fine if you planning stay at hotel or scouring a cafe that offer free WiFi. What if you lost or can't find any free WiFi? I usually will not take the risk and ensure I get connected to the WiFi. This is my second time using pocket WiFi from iVideo. 

The reason I choose iVideo pocket WiFi ?

Strong connection

Stay connected with the world easily as iVideo Pocket Wifi provide 4G high-speed mobile hotspot. I have try the video call and the connection is smooth. The pocket WiFi can share up to 10 users.

Easy to set up the pocket WiFi

A clear instruction provide by iVideo. I activate the service less than 5 minutes. The username and password can be found at the back of pocket WiFi. Simple step as you just need to turn on your mobile WiFi and I was connected to their pocket WiFi

Smooth travelling process

It's great that wherever I am in the world, my friends, family and even colleague can be in touch. Having a pocket WiFi is like having extra security and peace of mind. No even worries of lost your direction.

Stay Connected with Social Media

As a blogger, I always ensure my social media stay updated. Believe it or not, upload a pictures into Instagram is just like piece of cake with iVideo Pocket WiFi. Is unlimited data and you even can upload video smoothly.

 Access to the internet anywhere and anytime

No worries, you will lost your connection as you can carry the pocket WiFi with you wherever you go. Switch it on and chuck the pocket WiFi into your bag and you are ready to go. Love the handy pocket WiFi and easily to carry with you.

The pricing structure is competitive and service is reliable

I have done several survey regarding portable WiFi and I found iVideo offers reasonable price. And it do deliver directly to hotel. If you travel to Japan, Taiwan or USA, you can grab your pocket WiFi at any convenient Shop. Simple return process whereby, you send it back by postage and provide tracking number to iVideo staff.

Thanks to iVideo as my journey go smooth as plan. The smarter way to choose iVideo and it keep connected to the world. Before I end my write up, let me walk you through the simple step how to rent a pocket WiFi.

Step 1 : Log in https://www.ivideo.com.tw/english/

Step 2: Select the device that you plan to rent

Step 3: Click rent now and get quote. Remember to log in into your account before you can view the quotation. For new member, click at new customer and register your detail first. 

Step 4: Remember stated clearly your hotel address and contact number. Check the fee before make a payment.

~ Enjoy your trip with iVideo ~

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