Food Review: Tac Yakitori @Twin Arkz Condominium, Bukit Jalil

July 31, 2017

Who doesn't love Japanese food?  You definitely will walk away in smile after feasting on tasty signatures at Tac Yakitori.  Tac Yakitori is one of the hidden gems that nestled at Twin Arkz condominium at Bukit Jalil. Feature ambience and comfortable dining environment. The design looks neat and each corner has a different design.

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Tac Yakitori is a Japanese restaurant where diners can enjoy a hearty Japanese meal at affordable prices. Expect ample choices of sushi, hot food and imported high-grade sashimi on the menu. Special thanks to Foodilifecious for the invitation.

Bento & Don

Although Bento is a norm in Japan I enjoys eating Bento. Traditional Bento usually contains warm fragrance rice, pickles and garnishes with your favourite choices like Unagi, Katsu or even tempura? Love the simple preparation as the chef put a lot of effort to deliver the best Bento.

Tempura Don

Unagi Don

Chicken Teriyaki Don

Tempura & Salmon Shio Bento

Yakiniku Don

Katsu Don

Beef Sukiyaki

In Japan, Sukiyaki usually prepares and serve in nabemono style. The beef sukiyaki usually consists of thinly sliced beef with popular ingredients such as mushroom (shiitake and enokitake), tofu and vegetable to add in flavour. The beef sukiyaki is slowly cooked so diners still can enjoy a warm taste of sukiyaki. We then dipped the cook sliced beef into the raw egg. There was no doubt, the high-quality beef on my first bite was tender beyond belief. I couldn't recall the last time I had such fine and tender beef sukiyaki.


Hosomaki or well known as thin rolls in Japan whereby is a small cylindrical piece with nori on the outside. Tac Yakitori always impress us with their food preparation as they use the best ingredients in Hosomaki. A variety of choices you can choose from their menu and indeed there have added more selection to diners. Dip it with wasabi and feel the refreshing kick in your mouth. 

Salmon Maki

California Maki

Unagi Stamina Maki


Sashimi always my favourite dish when dining at a Japanese restaurant. At Tac Yakitori, the sashimi is specially handpicked by the chef. Honestly, the quality of the sashimi should be good enough reason to return to Tac Yakitori. That Salmon Belly is something to watch out as you will definitely going to have seconds. 

Salmon Belly Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi

Sashimi Salad with Homemad Tartar sauce & Goma
 Cold Noodle

The cold noodle is a chilled noodle that usually made from buckwheat flour and usually served with soy sauce based dipping sauce. But in Tac Yakitori, you can enjoy the cold noodle in a different way. Simply put a small piece of wasabi on the cold noodle and then dip it in the raw egg that special preparation for the dish. Such a sinful moment as I was blessed with this delicious cold noodle.  


Calling for salmon lover, you will definitely looking forward to their Yakinomo. Tac Yakitori offer array of delicious Yakimono and time to time, they do update their menu with new dishes.

Salmon Belly Mentaiko

Salmon Shio

Sake Salmon Shio

Agedashi Tofu

Soft and smoother texture of Japanese tofu and usually served hot. Usually, the Agedashi Tofu serves as an appetiser. 


Calling for sweet tooth lover, you will definitely looking forward to Tac Yakitori's Egg.Let. One word to describe their Egg.Let is  " Delicious". 

Melaka Sweet Tooth (Gula Melaka)

Sweet Romance (Hazelnut Flavour)


Quench your thirst with Tac Yakitori special made drinks. My favourite drink will be Hazelnut Soya. Something unique that you might love to try for it. 

Halzenut Soya, Hazelnut Coffee and Coconut Soya

Hot Coconut Cofee & Hot Soya Coffee

Tac Yakitori
Twin Arkz Condominium
Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1
57000 Kuala Lumpur

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