Event Coverage : K-Street Carnival & Final K- Pop Dance, Klang Parade

July 04, 2017

Do you manage to join the fun during K-street Carnival at Klang Parade? I drop by Klang Parade on Sunday to support the final K-Pop Dance Competition.

Shoppers enjoy shopping for Korean items/ food or beverages at the K-Street Bazaar. I was crazy about Korean Ramen and snacks. I can’t decide which flavour or brand to buy. End out, I buy several brands.

Do you manage to try the chewy Topoki, fish cake or even Sushi roll? No worries if you miss out the opportunity as, at the end of the write-up, I will share upcoming K-Street Carnival. Beside selling Korean food, there is some stall selling Korean skincare or beauty products, souvenir or even Korean fashion.

Shoppers get to hang on making delicious kimchi and they can bring home the kimchi with them. While children enjoy participating in colouring competition. Congratulation to the winners.

Follow up with an excited K-Pop Dance competition. These dancers are the finalist team that has been selected by the judges. The audience cheers and clap when the dancers make their first appearance on the stage. Congratulation to the winners.

Short video of the dancer

Champions - Crush
1st Runner Up- Unknownz
2nd Runner Up- Black Ace

Before the carnival end, I manage to try on the hanbok (Korean Traditional Costume) and took some nice photo with blogger friends.

As promised, the next round K-Street Carnival is fall on 7 to 9 July 2017 at Citta Mall. Remember to mark down on your calendar and don't miss the fun. 

More information regarding K-Street Carnival Citta Mall can be found in this video: https://www.facebook.com/CITTAMall/videos/1415307061870920/

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