Beauty Product Review: DOAEZ Bird's Nest Collagen Mask & Bird's Nest Aqua Protein

July 11, 2017

Don't let the wrinkle destroy your dream to achieve flawless and youthfulness skin. Don't overestimate the importance of collagen as it adds structure to the skin, giving it more plumpness and elasticity. Introduce DOAEZ Bird's Nest Collagen Mask and  Bird's Nest Aqua Collagen. Using only natural plant ingredients, bird's nest and hydrolyzed collagen composition that has 

DOAEZ Bird's Nest Collagen Mask

Collagen helps to boost up our skin elasticity and enable our skin to absorb sufficient nutrient from skincare products. Collagen mask potentially reduce fine lines and wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and promote smoother skin texture.

Introduce DOAEZ Bird’s Nest Collagen Mask and this is my first time using DOAEZ collagen mask. DOAEZ Bird’s Nest Collagen Mask is available in Malaysia. DOAEZ collagen mask is similar to other sheet masks whereby no rinse off is required.

Once I tear off the packet, you will notice a folded sheet mask that soaked with bird’s nest essence. Love the good quality of the sheet mask and it soft to the skin. The mask is transparent and it fit perfectly on my small face.

A simple step to apply on the sheet mask.

Step 1: Ensure your skin is clean before applying the mask. 

Step 2: Peel of the white film after putting on the mask. The mask soaked pretty well with the essence, it adheres to my skin immediately. 

Step 3: Relax and enjoy your mask session. Leave the mask for 15- 20 minutes.

Step 4: Remove the mask after 20 minutes. Gently massage your face to ensure the remaining essence absorb deeply into the skin. You can apply the remaining essence on your neck or arms. 

Overall, I find DOAEZ Bird's Nest Collagen Mask easily to use and no skin irritation reaction on the first use. The mask is effective in keeping my skin hydrated and plumpness. Non-greasy feeling and the essence absorb faster into my skin. The mask is safe for our skin as it contains natural plant extracts, rich blend of bird's nest and hydrolyzed collagen composition. 

Selling price: RM 109 per box with free delivery. Purchase 2 box for RM190 with free delivery.

DOAEZ Bird's Nest Aqua Protein

Another excellent product from DOAEZ. Introduce DOAEZ Bird's Nest Aqua Protein. DOAEZ Bird's Nest Aqua Protein can take away years from your actual age. Made from natural ingredients that safe to consume for a long term.

One syringe of Aqua protein actually equivalent to 100 masks. That amazing right? The beauty of Aqua Protein is it helps to improve the skin elasticity and youthfulness.  How to use this Aqua protein?

Step 1: After cleanser and toner process, pump a small amount of Aqua protein on your pump.

Step 2: Apply on the T-zone and gently massage it over your face and neck. One tube of Aqua protein can use up to 4-5 times.

The texture of Aqua protein is light and non-greasy. Easy to apply and you can put back the cap after use. Overall, I can see the improvement of my skin. Aqua protein helps to lift up my sagging skin and at the same time minimise my enlarge pores. My skin firmer and it helps to recover the elasticity of my skin. 

Selling Price: RM 88 (1 box - contain 1 tube of Aqua Protein). While 5 tubes for RM 330, 10 tubes for RM 500 with free delivery. 

Freeze your age by owning this two awesome products from DOAEZ. For more information regarding DOAEZ Bird's Nest Collagen Mask & Aqua Protein, please feel free to browse their Facebook:

Place your order with Ms. Shirley by PM her at or contact her at 018 989 8777.

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