A Perfect Lip With G9 Skin First Lip Stick

July 27, 2017

Lipstick has become women best friend as we can't live without it. I prefer the simple colour of lipstick as it actually makes my appearance more outshine. Check out G9 Skin First Lip Stick, the fabulous lipstick that hits for this summer. 

The charm of G9 Skin First Lip Stick is that it completes a sophisticated makeup look with a single touch. The lipstick comes in five beautiful shades that will brighten up your day.

#01: Midnight Red
#02: Dry Rose
#03: Dazzling Pink
#04: Peach Brown
#05: Vintage Red

All of the colours look fabulous but which one is my favourite colour? Arrr......is hard to decide as each colour brings out a different personality. To kick start my boring day, I choose three favourite colours that I really really love it so much. 

I personally love #02 Dry Rose as the rosy red gives a perfect gradation. I prefer brighten colour as the colour makes me looks fairer. It is a perfect colour with one application. 

The dry rose to create a romantic look and the colour match well with my outfit. The colour is neat and it lasts for the whole day. A perfect fitting on my lip. 

While #04: Peach Brown create a natural nudie look. If you look for nude colour, peach brown will be the best solution. Wear it on with a light makeup and you are ready for an outing. 

The peach brown colour also match with my formal office wear. The colour more presentable.

Look wild with #01 Midnight Red as the bright red gives a fuller and beautiful lip. If you going for a hot date, Midnight Red definitely will bring on the mood. 

G9 Skin Lip Stick not a normal matt lipstick as the texture is soft and gives a perfect fitting effect as applied primer. Contain Shea butter and Tocopheryl Acetate. Shea butter believes has moisturising effect whereby it keeps my lip moisture, healthy and glossy. While Tocopheryl Acetate provides a good nourishing effect that does not dry up my lip. 

Why I prefer G9 Skin First Lip Stick? 

* Vivid colour that gives long lasting effect.

* G9 Skin First Lip Stick use special texture as it does not sticky while given fresh usage sensation.

* No dead skin cell/smudge or caking

Sharing some tips how to apply on G9 Skin First Lip Stick to give a perfect color on the lip. 

Overall, the colour suit well my skin tone and the price is reasonable. If you ask me whether I will consider G9 Skin First Lip Stick and my answer will be " Yes". Find out more regarding G9 Skin First Lip Stick at:-


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