A Lavish Affair With Glorious Food At The X Bangsar @ Bangsar Baru KL

July 12, 2017

The evening was a lavish affair with glorious food and an endless supply of cocktails. The X Bangsar located at Bangsar Baru, Jalan Telawi has cemented its places as the spot where dinner come to congregate and landing a seat for a dinner and hang out. Modern artwork adorns its walls and warm lights hang low for more intimate and cosy setting.

When it comes to the nosh, the dishes are the main attraction. The portions are generously hearty and try the new taste of their chef creations.

Lobster Bisque

Warm your stomach with creamy lobster Bisque. Served with a charcoal bread stick. 

Citrus Smoked Duck

Plating up with a nice combination of colours, half of the hunger has been wiped off by this visual feast. Fresh smoked duck gives a refreshing moment when it garnishes with citrus sauce. Spread the parmesan cheese to add to the flavour. 

Spicy Uramaki

Sushi lovers, you might want to get your hand on this spicy Uramaki. Mind-bogglingly feeling the moment I stuck in my mouth. Forgive me for the greediness as I love Uramaki sushi so much. 

Pizza: Smoked Salmon

Good pizza is hard to come by and even harder to match up to. Do you agree with this statement? Once you have tasted this scrumptious combination of salmon, avocado and ebikko on a crispy bed of bread, you won't want to wipe off the best moment. This is how I adore the pizza. 

Spaghetti Carbonara with 60g Sirloin

The spaghetti carbonara was flavourful and fragrant with juicy sirloin. The pasta as expected was good and texture is soft and chewy. Pair well with well-cooked sirloin.

The X Bangsar also serve luxurious Western cuisine with reasonable price. How about pair a good quality of lamb shoulder chop/ Braised Beed Ribs/ Steak- Ribeye Grass Fed with smooth wine? 

Lamb Shoulder Chop

Photo Credit to Eddy Rush

Braised Beef Ribs

Photo Credit to Eddy Rush
Steak- Ribeye Grass Fed

Photo Credit to Eddy Rush
Chillies Cheese Fries

I can't wait to try this piping-hot mountain of crispy fries topped up with the most generous of cheese. You may want to other this chillies cheese fries while enjoying your favourite cocktail. 

Nachos With Guacamole

Nachos with Guacamole is packed with melted cheese and a dop of sour cream on top of it. Truly delicious and I enjoy every crispy bite.

Salted Egg Chicken Poppers

Nice aroma of salted egg when the dish is served on our table. Then salted egg blend well with the fried chicken to add the flavour. Cooked with creamy buttermilk as the sauce.

With alluring ambience, a cocktail will raise up your mood on that day. The X Bangsar offers several intriguing cocktails. Try some of their signature cocktails that will definitely trigger your taste bud.

The X Bangsar promise you a great food that will tantalise your taste bud. The X Bangsar usually will be crowded. To avoid disappointment, make an earlier reservation with them by contact +603 2201 1510.

The X
67, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur

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